Have you had a match where you ended up coaching random hunters to victory?


Hello all

Just had a few games of Hunt with some randoms (PS4). For the first time in a long time actually got into a lobby with fellow Brits who were using their mics. Joined in at the end of a match when their support quit and they were raging about how “cheap” the goliath they kept facing was being, they had lost 2 games on the trot.

The next match I gave them some tips from my own experience, how they need to stick to their roles, use their range weapons and use communication to out think the tactics of the monster. The guy playing as Slim was always rushing first into contact with the monster, I taught him to hang back instead, use the range of the leech gun. Same with Sunny, to stay up high once in battle with Monster, deploy drone and keep moving using her mini nuke etc etc

Was not long before they got the gist of my advice and they started working to their roles and turned the tables on the monster and we won our next 3 games.

So have you ever gone into a game, met some randoms and helped them form a better hunter team? If so share your stories maybe :slight_smile:


I have actually yes. Yesterday as a matter of fact. I joined a game late and they were already defeated and seperated, it was ugly. So the next match, I was crow. Playing hunt. As soon as we found the monster I stasis and pop dome, hank starts shooting and nothing else. Slim was medic and rushed in to attack as well. Assault was Parnell.

Hank did nothing but assault the monster and slim did the same. Slim and hank got incapped. I retract the dome, to let the monster go and take some heat off. So I tell Hank to cloak, he does. I go over and revive him and slim.

On the way to find the monster again, I tell Hank to use his shield more than his gun. I tell slim to keep some distance and use his spores as soon as we trap the monster.

We meet up with the monster again and wouldn’t you know… Everyone did their job much better and we pulled it off.


Omg these are extremely fun games when they happen… I played a game with lower ranked hunter… Played Trapper, told them how to set up in dome… They keep chasing, while I worked on the cutoff… We won on 4th dome, evolving stage 1 monster


Really is nothing quite like having your advice taken and used to help others get a better enjoyment playing as the hunters :smile:

Being at Level 40 is not a real sign of skill but of length of time played, but getting a team to work as a team is really satisfying. Sadly being in the EU Region of players, not always possible to get a random team all speaking the same language or even one where all are using a mic to communicate rather than to play music down or abusive language instead.

EVOLVE really is at its best when its actually 4 Vs 1 !


Yeah. Had to deal with a level 2 torvald yesterday, did sub-par damage, and he almost died with 2 strikes until I had to tell him in voice chat to pop the thing called a personal shield.


Well a Level 2 will always need a bit of help, clearly new to the game, nice one on helping him out :slight_smile:


No, because they yelled at me to get back in the kitchen.

Sexist people aside there was one time. I didn’t have a mic, but when I got killed I started typing to them, explaining what to do, their mistakes, directed them here. We pulled of a very close victory. Great match.


That is never good…encountered that level of ignorance once to a female gamer in our team, two others having a pop at her saying “go make us a sandwich”. After ignoring my attempts to get them to stop, as soon as back in the lobby I treated them to a very loud “this is me in my kitchen making a cup of tea” demonstration…they left the party :smile:

Did not know the PC (guessing its on PC) had a chat box, brilliant idea especially when incapped! Sadly not practical on consoles


Yeah. I feel sorry for consolites some times, what would I do without my text box?! :stuck_out_tongue:


You see I don’t just give tips, I’ve taken full command and lead a team of pubs to defeat like the 8th Kraken in the world as Markov. Pretty impressive battle to say the least :smirk:


I get told to stfu and play my own role. I then watch as I have to survive 50 wipes of my team, and win via the timer.


I’m not the command-barking kind of guy.

But guess what as of lately people tend to start following me, because it is apparent from the get go that I by now know what Im doing.

in one game I earned three consecutive wins at stage one with parnell because I always cut the monster short and showed the ways to run by pinging. For example in Aviary he monster tries to go feed in the adjacent sections and can sometimes sneak back right past you to the centre if you dont pay attention, having you chasing ghosts. If you know that and show the other hunters the best ways to run, they will do it.

Because it is obvious that the guy who just three times in a row found the monster in an embarassing situation is gonna find it the next time as well. So you start following that guy. Its only logical.