Have you guys ever been to a stadium of your favourite match/team/concert? Describe it, if not, describe your dream event to attend


Mine would be CSGO and Overwatch. It doesn’t have to be only video game related.

This week is ESL One Cologne, in Germany, one of the prestigious and biggest tournaments for CSGo will start today.
And I really wish I could go! haha. I certainly and most assuredly will someday.

I’m more interested in this than the world cup going now. So many years of soccer, i got tired of it. But CSGO is always so intense, every match is different. You actually enjoy the thrill of watching, compared to Formula 1 although I still like it.

Overwatch is so action packed but doesn’t have the same intense thrill like CSGO does. OW is about ultimate combos and gaining the position of the map and technical skills. CSGO has the “mind games”, carefully executed bomb site attack, also there is the clutch fear and there is always room for a possible “comeback” in a 1vs5 clutch.
My favourite team is MIBR(made in brazil) with stewie2k(american) joining. i think its their first debut together.


Only been to one live event and the highlight was a very tall and lanky drunken viewer asking the short security guard to carry him out of the stadium.

My dream event would probably be Six Invitationals assuming that PENTA win because, ya know, bleeding black and orange over here. I’ve watched many different pro league LAN finals, and Siege is the only Pro League that I find interesting and intense enough for me to follow. And the Y2 Six Invites was the first event that I actually was disappointed to not be able to go.


Went to Mile High Stadium to see Metallica.
We were down on the field and just as the were starting to play ONE, they had a HELICOPTER buzz by our heads for the intro. It set the mood for the entire night.

The front of the crowd got scary though people just packed in so tightly to each other its was nerve racking.


@SedoUmbra Hahah, must have been comical to see that. what happened in the end? about the guy and the guard.

@Kathryn_James that sounded like fun :smiley:
i would like to see a concert with moving vehicles and speakers on them, mad max style


Saw Blink 182 5-6 years back and was in the pit.

Awesome show! My Chemical Romance was the opening act and they were okay too. Have a few good songs but nothing special.


Hey, funny that you say it. Just ordered tickets to go see Kamelot in September and Powerwolf in November.

But apart from that, all I’ve ever seen life is Pentatonix and Ed Sheeran. PTX was a bit meh, but Sheeran was phenomenal.


I’m somewhere north of a hundred concerts. I’ve lost count.


@CptBoomBoom @LordDerp
Wow, those do sound like fun! Do have fun in September/November!!


Sadly never been to a concert and probably never will…not because I don’t want to but because…reasons I guess. Being an older adult with family, and a husband who has been to a multitude of concerts and is “over that,” it feels like it’s for the younger crowd. It’s always been a regret of mine to not get to at least one concert and experience my favorite music played live. The closest I’ve gotten is seeing Tartanic at the Renaissance Fair…live bagpipes and drums are thrilling, feeling the music as it plays around you. I could hear that every day.


Noo, you are never too old. There are many types of concerts, I’ve been to an orchestra myself, or even theatre performances. Just find something and i’m sure your husband will accompany you, or him. In new zealand or ireland, the festivals are so fun, with those type of peaceful yet lively music. how about those tap dancing concerts and celtic music. maybe you’ll like those, and feel like you’re in shire lol.


He is not one for celtic, although I am, heh (Gaelic Storm anyone?). I like a vast array of music. He enjoys Metallica and I wouldn’t mind seeing them live, or anyone from Pentatonix to Rob Zombie or even harder music. I’m fairly easy to please music-wise, it’s just not a desire of his anymore and I have nobody else to go with.


Been a while since I went to a concert (or festival) but let’s see euhm.

I went to see Green Day and Elton John in concert. I also went to see a show of Jeff Dunham (although It was less funny than the previous ones)

Other than that some smaller festivals but that’s it.

If there is a concert I would like to see maybe it would be White Lies or some Monstercat artists like Eminence, Grant, Nitro Fun, Tristam, WRLD, etc


Aw i see, well i hope things change and some day you guys will be able to have fun in one of the festivals!

ooh, never heard of those, i didn’t know monstercat had concerts like those, i only hear their music on youtube.


Never too old to see a good show!

@DarKastlez was it Elton John and Green Day together?


Lol, no seperate (that would be weird and fantastic at the same time).


The stoutly security guard eventually convinced the guy to go down the steps himself. The funniest thing is that there were only like 5 steps.