Have you guys been playing around with Quick Switch on Hank?


Seriously it’s crazy good, especially versus Kraken.

You can do tons of damage until the team needs it, and when you see a skill shot ability winding up you can pull that thang out faster than Torvald can melt Behemoths. Not to mention the power of the Orbital barrage. XD


People underestimate this perk. Saving a spot so I can give my spiel on it later.

Alright, here’s my spiel-

Basically, people make claims that if you’re switching well you won’t need this perk, similarly to jetpack recharge. That is a load of poop.

Quick switch perks on Hank and Val (I’ll be using her as an example since I have more expertise in that area) grant you incredible versatility.

On Val and Hank, it gives you the ability to keep beams on people while also laying down DPS or utility with your other weapons. Quick switch is incredibly fast, and if you time it between the monster’s attacks or while the hunter is jetpacking away, you can keep the pressure up while keeping people alive.

Also, crazy reactivity. “No plan survives contact with the enemy”. You can always have the weapon you need at the right moment by shifting a focus to reactivity instead of proactivity, as it works in the scenario of Evolve. Stuff will happen- you can’t just trust that you’ll always have the weapon out you need at the right team. Even if you theoretically had that skill, I’d still recommend quick switch.

Once again, quick switch gives you more of everything. With Val, the monster will never not be tranq’d and weakpointed, and your teammates will be healed. With Hank, you can keep the shield up while also dishing out Laser Cutter damage and orbital strikes. 10/10 would recommend perk on the following characters-

Slim (although I prefer jump height)

Maybe even Bucket and Griffin.

Val Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread

That’s my go to perk for :hank_cute:


yes i use it a lot, but i also like capacity, DR…


Thats all I ever use on Hank, its got tier yo


I like reload speed too much on Hank lets me give the medic that extra couple seconds to get their healing burst off or assault their personal shield.


I use capacity because I find in pubs I’m using my sheild projector more than everything else


I used to use reload speed on pretty much everyone, but since it was broken for a bit there, I’ve gotten into capacity and on people like Sunny and Hank, I find it super helpful.


Quick switch is an underrated perk. If we compare popular perks for hank (ie. Capacity, reload, and DR) we see these changes respectively, a stronger shield, a more frequent shield, and a shield that will most likely be constant due to hank surviving. Quick switch allows for quick shielding, ideally strong in organized teams, where callouts can be made on when shielding is needed. Also a higher DPS from hank cause of him being able to shoot.


Quick switch is my hank go to. Lets you pump those deeps without missing shield opppertunities.


Imo reload is best on Val, for her and the teams, you get heals back faster, reload your tranq rifle faster and it boost the ratevof fire on your sniper. To me there is no better perk except maybe an evasion perk like jump height or or jet pack if you are getting hard focused.


its not worth it

no good monster will go on anyone but hank

u need dr

its amazing in pubs but not vs real monsters


I’ve always picked Quick Switch if I ever play Hank. Not that I play support much cause I suck at it- but yeah, generally I pick quick switch or reload speed :3


I’ve tried both reload and quick switch, and quick switch wins every time. You can just shoot-switch, shoot-switch, shoot-switch and keep everything you have on the monster at all times.


If the weaspot bonus was actually good then I would consider quick switch, but currently quick switch has no survivability and medics need that considering, caira only takes capacity or reload, laz only takes reload.


You’ve gotta rely on your team to punish the monster and protect you. Val is great with a good team, and so is this perk.

Weakspots are highly underrated.

Also, limiting yourself to those perks is a pretty close-minded bad idea. Don’t worship metas, you might actually find some new schtuff.


May ask what platform your on? Because there is no way you play on pc and think a Val with no movement or healing buffs is going to stay alive or keep anyone alive through a hard focus. I dont stick to meta, if did Val wouldn’t be my favorite hunter, I stick to what works and switching weapons fast i can only see working well for hank.


I find quick switch works really well versus kraken, as I am able to stop LS. Kraken does piss damage with other abilities and melee so it forces the kraken to use LS on Hank.
Seems go work really well versus Bob as well.