Have you encountered any poor player who followed Bob into his cave?


I have been playing evolve as Bob and baited poor players into my cave.

Have you as Bob or a hunter witnessed the poor player walking into his cave just to never come out again.

#To meet this

If you are those unfortunate victims, remember this.

its a trap!


sadly enough, this occurs to hunters i play in randoms.


Heh easiest way to bait hunters into a cave is to evolve there. Most will rush in for damage only to get wrecked. Sadly though this is one of the few places where he can reach the hunters without climbing 80% of the time.


This works literally every time on randoms and with surprising frequency in ranked. I love it.


I like to charge straight in while yelling “1v1 ME B*TCH” every once in a while to really get that Leeroy Jenkins feeling


A few times.

The rare times I go play with pubs the medic decides it’s a fantastic idea to go into a cave with Behemoth alone.


I play pubs almost exclusively and I can say… yeaaaa lots of people fall for that.

When I play bob occasionally and they follow me into a cave it means



Gotta love it when you’re playing Quick Play and your Medic teammate decides to roleplay and pretend to be “Lazarus the Cave Explorer”.


I have to admit that I’ve done that at least once whilst my mind has been elsewhere. You know those moments when you have that split second of “I really should get X done soon” or something similar, and then it suddenly dawns on you that you’ve made a terrible mistake when you’re getting murdered?


I love doing a dust tag at a cave entrance. People forget the dust goes inside.



Wow there are a lot of victims to Bobs bait xD. I main bob and bait my victims straight into a cave…

#Nobody ever returned.


My response is turning and running, while shouting, “Man, forget Billy! Billy’s dead!”


@cybersquidarmy Do you know where that quote is from? Saw a video with it yesterday.


Lets not try to get off-topic ok. Also maybe I do know.


Fair point. Just asking. But yeah, I just facepalmed and backed away. Dude cursed us all out for not helping him. We just sat there quietly, listening to him complain about how we could have killed it if we’d back him up. Rookies…


Writes “Do not pursue Behemoths into caves” on a notebook


Sometimes I seriously do wonder what people are thinking when they walk into such obvious bait though.


Sometimes I get the aggressive Hunter that overextends way too far. If they follow me into a cave, I throw up a rock Wall, lean in reeeeal close and whisper…

######this is my cave…


The poor hunters that followed Bob into his cave for candy.