Have you been encouraging new Hunters?

I have noticed in both my post-match Monster games and when I’m in a team, there is a tremendous amount of frustration surrounding new & returning players. Most of the time, I have found a team takes directions fairly well. Coordination alone isn’t enough to combat the Monster’s new strength without experience and skill to back it. However, with so much fresh blood coming in, I’d hate to see them get hated away again.

Remember kids; when you start taking the game seriously, it stops being fun. So don’t be afraid plug in your mic and take charge (but only if you are calm and not a jerk about it).


F*** Calm And Kill Monsters!!

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“Alright guys I’m picking Bucket.
no response
While fighting the monster “Guys try to stay next to my sentries so they can deal damage”
still no response
End up losing due to Medic increase distance from my sentries
-Gets message saying I’m a shit player who doesn’t know how to play them game and instead of trying to boss people around do something for once.”
COMING from a new player, I tried to do that but never will I say anything in public again…


No, I have not been encouraging them, I’ve been slaughtering them



I could be the only person talking and trying to be as nice as possible and when we lose its my fault as i hear people put their mics on to chew me out. Also if i try to be friendly between games as a monster i get nothing but insults, telling me i suck and that im a try hard when all i said was “good game” of tried to give them some friendly advice on ways they could better there play or a mistake they made. :frowning:

No one ever wants to admit they messed up.

Why deal with owning up to your own failure and facing the disappointment of your team mates when you could pin it on someone else and get off free for it?

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I fear I was just raised better

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I wrote out a response to this but I realized it was exactly what Shin would’ve said, not me…>.>

Yeah meeting a nice person in pubs is so amazing. It’s awesome. :smiley: Rarely happens, sadly.


New blood? Where?

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Do level 40 Vals that only quick scope count as new players? I think they should.


Lol I think they should too watch this and stop once the medic dies:

Some people just can’t be helped :cry:

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That was inexcusable but I have had some moments where those no scopes just don’t want to land XD

Lol but a still target and four times in a row?

Exactly, thought she’d catch on after that 2nd shot XD

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Was in a game where a newcomer did not heal as medic… how does one even do that?

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When winning as a monster I always offer them advice and help, inviting them to steam group chat. Nobody has ever come or even commented on this, people lose twice and just leave despite the fact that their mistakes are basic and can be easily corrected. I do add people from “need people to play with” steam threads, give them advice and try to encourage and help in every way possible to enjoy the game and keep playing.

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As an avid player of Val, that was sickening to watch. How can someone play that bad?

I do wonder sometimes how often people play without sound…

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I usually play with my sound turned way down but not off. I always play late though so I cant keep it too loud. Need some headphones…

I had a decent game as Goliath, I won comfortably but the hunters weren’t TERRIBLE and I was ready to just say “GG” in post game but my ears started to bleed as the hunters were in a full-on screaming match. It was…wow. I still can’t believe I heard that, lol.