Have they explained why they can't do ranked/unranked to allow party members to play as monsters?


I just don’t get it at this point. It’s such a big selling point for a lot of people. Custom games isn’t an option when you only have one or two friends you want to play with.

Custom game match making?

The Behemoth being a preorder bonus doesnt segment the player base because you can play agaisnt a player that has the Behemoth you just cant play as the Behemoth.


I’m dead sure that you can be able to play against your friends in custom games. It just wont let you play against them in matchmaking due to the unlock system and how it could be easily exploited like that.


Not saying the unranked thing wouldn’t be a good idea tho because that could work.


Right but I’m planning on buying this with one friend, not a bunch.


Yea I agree with you. I have one friend interested too but he really want’s to play the monster but doesn’t want to have to play alone to do it. Having an unranked playlist would be quite nice.


I guess the whole “they can unbalance the game” aspect with leveling up and all of that is frustrating because people have been asking for this for over a year now. Plenty of time to figure out solutions to that stuff.


They have solutions, custom games. Two friends? Bots. I imagine there’s a playlist for unranked as well.


That is not a solution to the problem I described, actually. Unless there is a playlist for unranked that removes the restriction. Bots are never a solution to a question about playing with actual people.


Well it would make total sense to have an unranked playlist of modes where you can gain no xp, no leaderboard status just straight games where the monster can be in somone’s party and if peaple are cheating just to cheat they wont gain anything from it and players are always welcome to get another match. Just for fun playlist really.


I think “ranked” and “unranked” play is a good idea. We have been looking into it.


That would be amazing. Hope it makes it in.


I think you’re right and as soon as we have “ranked” we can be less stringent in non ranked games.


Really like all the leaderboards, but I have 2 bugs.

  1. When I click on support to see my support rank, it always takes me to the top 15 so I can’t check my support rank
  2. I played a couple of monster matches before going into a 5 man party. After that (and I was playing solo again), every single monster victory didn’t change the monster victories at all. BUT it did change the overall wins on the overall rank system


@MrStrategio will be able to know if these are bugs. Thanks!

  1. If you haven’t played support in a complete match made game (stuck through to the post round score screen) you would not have gotten a rank. By default if you don’t have a rank, we show you the top 15 in the leader board. So that should go away once you play a match, you’ll have to wait a bit for it to get uploaded to the leader board.

  2. Possibly a bug, but I need more details. I will say that if you lose on a character that hasn’t won before, it won’t be put on the leader board yet, like if you kept losing as Hank. Please provide specific details into how you went about each step. What platform? Did you pre-purchase and how? Please state when you actually navigated through the menu to change the stage of the game from a lobby, to solo game.



This really needs to be an option. Right now, the inability of people to play with friends and be the monster is a huge flaw. Custom games are not the answer unless they can be made open to the public (as of now, I don’t know if this is the case). Even if this is the case, I don’t see why this can’t be an option in a public game.

For example, I may join a public game with one other friend, and then meet a group of three others that are all getting along well, but my friend and I are locked out of playing the monster just because we joined the session together. That makes no sense and is a very annoying and unnecessary limitation. Please change this. It is nothing but aggravating to the player base.


While I rarely utilize unranked play list, I do believe they are essential to a games long term health. Many people like to play them to goof around with their friends and it really helps keep those people around longer and I believe it can even reduce griefing in ranked play list since people have an outlet where they are free to do whatever they want without consequence.


Whether or not unranked matches make it into the final game I will still be happy with Evolve. Everything I’ve seen/played so far has been an of mass enjoyment. Is this issue pretty aggravating? Yes. Does it make this game a bad one? No. I hope that I share the same opinion here with you guys in that even if this doesn’t get implemented it will still be a fun game to play.


The reason it makes it a “bad one” at least for me is that the experience is totally tailored to whether or not I can play it with my friends. Like, I wouldn’t tell someone the game is a bad one because of this, but it’s definitely a no-go for me without that feature in the game, and I’d warn my friends about said lack of feature.