Have the bot hunters gotten dumber?


Played some rounds last night, bot maggie tried to climb up the aviary wall not once, but twice. She wouldn’t throw the dome when the monster was literally right in front of her. Another match with a bot Val I got rock thrown into a plant and she stood there watching me die. On the mine with a bot slim our support stepped on a plant (actually she stepped on every single plant in the map but that’s another story) bot slim decided the best way to save her was to constantly send drones out to her. They busted every time they reached her. It was kinda funny just to watch that little but keep flying out. Has anyone else had terrible bot experiences? Share them so we can shake our heads together :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure this belongs in Evolve Anonymous?

@Sentry_Gun does it?

On topic though I think you just had a run of really bad luck with AI

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I’m not trying to get flagged but the bots are really this dumb. Almost a guaranteed loss in multiplayer when someone idles the entire round XD

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Almost, not always! Gotta stay positive :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Evolve anonymous is a thread where people share their bad experiences and for venting. Plus, there has been lots of threads discussing about the AI, so I’ll move that post there :smile:

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