Have I just found the third monster?


Watching a interview with some of the turtle rock boys talking about evolve and couldn’t help but notice the monster statue behind them on the shelf, can anyone shed any light if this is from another game or have I found the holy grail?

Why Evolve Is Not Just Another First-Person Shoot…: http://youtu.be/SIpaazkGyt4


hmm seems to obvious placed for it to be the third monster


That’s what I was thinking. Surely they wouldn’t leave just leave it there


Or could be hiding in plain sight? This monster wouldn’t look out of place in the evolve style and I dont recognise it from anywhere else, ie movie or game?


Could be, though I’d like for the third monster to not be a 2 legged / armed or 4 legged creature. There is a huge array of possibilites and i’d feel like all 3 monsters at release were too similar in appearance if that was the third monster

i would really love to see a centipede/worm/snakelike monster or something that is very insectoid like from starship troopers


I was hoping to see a insectoid or more sneaky oriented creature, but until a dev debunks this clue im not too sure.


Or it could be the 4th DLC monster?


That is really a good point. I remember thinking this back in February when gameinformer released this video. I have doubts that they would let the third one slip that easily, but it is certainly possible.

(just to be clear, it’s this guy, right?)

EDIT: Looking at mouth, hand, and feet shapes, along with skeletal structure, I wonder if this was an early iteration on Goliath. Looking back on his concept art, he went through lots and lots of iterations from a scorpion crab to what he is now. Added some concept art for comparison:


Thats the one, im sure its something, just being so obvious we are all unsure! Lol


Im definitely going to just go ahead and say that it is simply an earlier concept of Goliath.


At 3:50 in this video you can see the head of that sculpture in the concept art. Im excited for the 3rd monster but I have a feeling August is closer to when we will all see it.


Yeah I’m on board with the “Goliath concept” here, it does look a bit similar to the beast itself, also I agree with @Plaff, surely they would just move that thing out of the way before filming and/or edit it in post? I mean, the only other reason I believe it WAS left there, is if it was concept art or something similar!


I agrees you can see right next to it is a clay modelling of the head and the mouth is almost identical to the Goliath prototype. Personally I’m glad it’s not the next monster since those horns make it look silly, I really want the next monster to scare the pants off people. Also I think I recognized the art of Guild Wars 2 book in the book shelf


Yeah, I think we can all agree that this is concept art. Speculating about the third is always fun though. Still a good, it’s hard to say which one looks scarier, haha.


Yea, it looks a LOT like the earlier iterations of Goliath and how it stands seems similar to. Kind of hope this is NOT the third monster as I was hoping for a more centipede/insect type worm thing that could burrow, lol.


Pretty sure that’s an early Goliath


Glad that’s cleared up! Lol, have to admit I would have been disappointed if that was the 3rd monster, im hoping for something very different to the other’s. *Hint *hint *wink *wink @DamJess


I’m absolutely certain it will be, dude. So don’t worry about that! :wink:


Jess is correct.


Wow, was that even before scorpid?


No he was right after. One of the studios our concept guys did for what was to become Goliath.