Have Daisy LEAD all the hunters not the LAST hunter only


Please make it that daisy lead the pack.
She is always fetching the last hunter on the team.
It will also make W.Daisy be there when the fight starts, this could at least make W.Maggie improve a little bit because W.Daisy is her half of damage dealer.


I thought she only lead Maggie?


She leads the last one in the party, I always notice this when I’m playing Laz because I purposely slow down so I can heal outside dome.


I’m not sure that’s her behavior.

I was under the impression that she moves directly towards the monster, but only moves when a hunter is nearby. I haven’t had any problems making her lead the pack.

She might look like she’s leading the last hunter because the other hunters ran ahead and that particular hunter’s sticking with the pet so that it tries to hunt down the monster. It’s my understanding that Daisy does not move if a hunter isn’t close by.


That’s not how Daisy works, bro. She leads Maggie. If Maggie is the furthest Hunter back, then obviously she’s gonna lead the last Hunter.


Daisy can attach to / lead hunters other than Maggie now. Has been able to since stage 2


I’ve noticed she has some weird behavior. I thought it was just because I was support as this is the only time I ever really see daisy close to me. daisy was clearly waiting on me and I was a good 20-30 meters behind the rest of the team, whom was being lead by the trapper, but we were all going in the same direction. Usually when I’m one of the hanks, sunny or kala I tend to stay a bit behind the team so that I’m not the first person the monster sees. It was pretty strange to not be the trapper and have daisy tethered to me instead of maggie


Tip for daisy: use your mini map.

Her pathing can be wonky as she tries to figure out what route to take. BUT if you check the mini map and just pay attention to the general direction her vision cone is mostly facing, it’ll give you a damn good idea the direction the monster is in, irregardless of who has daisy or if she’s in front, behind, to your side, or off in the middle of nowhere.


if you played enough you don’t need minimap because maps are not that big to memorize.
Also I’m just suggesting to improve daisy, lead everyone not just one hunter, leaving her like this now is not very effective tracker, also this can be very good for wasteland variant since she’s a combat trapjaw not just a tracker, you need that flamethrower damage immediately if possible when everyone is fighting the monster while the last hunter is still left behind or still far away.


The other hunters apparently put too much distance on Daisy and she stopped tracking because she was out of range of any hunters. She doesn’t move if a hunter isn’t nearby to lead.

You followed up and came in range of Daisy, so she started moving again.


Think you may have mis understood?

The suggestion for the minimap wasnt for personal traversing. It was so that you could see precisely where daisy is physically looking.


And and the minmap has a GRIP of information on it with the hunter abilitiea.


Unfortunately Daisy has basically always functioned exactly like the planet scanner. When you aren’t sure where the monster is, you check Daisy, then go that direction and look for the monster yourself. That 15% speed boost passive of hers is basically useless, but Maggie is still one of the most powerful, and the most versatile trapper(s).