Have Capacity Affect Crow's Stasis Time but not the Clip


With the upcoming changes to Crow, I thought this would be a nice work around to get that good ole full stasis time. Yes or no?


I’m gonna say “no”. Straight up buff to Crow and is quite powerful. His stasis was intentionally brought down because it’s strong.


Stasis is being toned down because good crows can keep it on monsters for a long time. This would completely undo the nerf and quite possibly buff him if people used capacity increase. I’d also have to say no.


Also going to have to side on no personally I’m afraid.

I don’t think crow should be capable of keeping a monster permanently under stasis in engagements while also being capable of delivering multiple primary weapon cycles. Being able to maintain stasis is ok imo, but should “cost” more than talent alone I believe.


Crow is basically Abe but you need skill to aim the stasis. Abe can lob the stasis everywhere.

I am both for and against this. Abe has to switch to keep the stasis up, whereas Crow could keep targeting the monster.

I dunno…


The difference is a monster can voluntarily maneuver out of the range of a stasis nade- where with crow once you’re hit you just have to ride it out. Yes Abe can keep relaying stasis where the monster moves- but it’s something he has to keep doing as the monster moves around. Without quick switch each and every time Abe is forced to relay a nade that’s 3-4 seconds of damage he’s out.


The way I see it is Crows riffle is the only advantage over Abe’s shotgun, and Gobi is a better early-game monster tracker. Other than that, Jack is far better imo.


As someone who likes playing Crow but I don’t think this is something that Crow would need. It would make him way too strong.

Though it be cool seeing how it could work with an Abe.


I vote no for the sole reason of it being confusing that something as indirect as the Stasis duration would be affected by Capacity while Personal Cloak, Dust Tagging etc duration is not.