Have a nice day


Hope your day today is Sunny, and if its not I’m sure Hank will have you covered.


Hank is gonna drop and Orbital Strike in my path and throw me completely off-course.


At least he makes things exciting. :stuck_out_tongue:


we actually have sunshine outside, after a 3-day mishmash of clouds, rain, snow and winds



We just got hit with rain and clouds after 3 days of sunshine.

Not noice


fair trade if you ask me.
wanna keep the shitty weather for a while ?


I like the shitty weather, it’s my neighbors who don’t.


nice, so we got a deal.

now I only gotta turn back time a few days so we can replace those windows in sunshine rather than rain


Yeah, by throwing me to the edge of the dome and allowing me to get wrecked. :sleepy:


That’s my favorite Weather! Best excuse to stay inside! xD

@Skrewyluie, you have a nice day too! :smiley:


Ooh, an Alpha screenshot. Not seen that in a looooong time.


The day is over (for me), time for creatures of the night to start waking up.


Isn’t the Wraith pretty?


She is so hawt. Yeah shes alright.


I know right?!