Have a free game! (Amnesia: The Dark Descent Steam Sale)


Claim today for free, get to keep it, furthermore you can hate me for making you aware of this after playing it.


Ah, already know that one, not interested :slight_smile: no thank you

Fine I’ll download it, but I won’t play it.


I’m a computer science major, literally because of this game.

It’s the best horror game I’ve played, and they released all the tools they used to build it - free. So pick up the game, crap your pants, then make a level so your friends crap their pants.

Sequel’s great, too.

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This is so much you.


I’mma check this out in a bit.


But also nope.
I’m prepared to cry ;w;


I play my other games. Besides, nobody asks me to play Evolve!

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I’d ask if you were on my friends list D:


I’m too shy to add people :smile:

To be fair to Lagger and TW though, they have invited me a few times, I’ve just been unable to accept at the time. Been a while since anybody tried though, sheesh!


Regret nothing


It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of horror games. A personal favorite of mine for sure.
I recommend playing this in a quiet and dark room with the sound volume cranked up. If you are easily scared, go purchase some diapers first, you’ll thank me later.

Which reminds me, Soma is being released in 6(?) days. Another horror game buy the same company. If you like Amnesia, you might want to pre-order Soma as it cost 10% less up 'til release. :smile:


Is this game really that good? I was gifted this game a few days ago but never came around to actually playing it.


So is it free for a few days or if I install it do I get to keep it forever?


I really enjoyed this game. The sequel seemed not as good, but this was a really solid game.


It’s a first-person adventure game, horror-themed with a Lovecraftian flavour to the plot. You explore, solve puzzles and hide from things - no combat, which is the best way to do horror, since it leaves the player feeling more vulnerable and threatened.

Comparisons you’d draw are to Outlast, Among the Sleep and Penumbra (Amnesia’s excellent predecessor, which is on sale very cheap right now and which I heartily recommend - just make sure you start with Episode 1, ‘Overture’, and don’t spoil it for you by accidentally starting up Episode 2, ‘Black Plague’ and seeing the intro which gives away everything that happens in Overture).

Amnesia’s well-received and for good reason - if you like that kind of thing. The sequel, “Machine for Pigs”, is a different sort of affair, being more in the nature of an interactive novel, almost, than a videogame - it’s much more linear and the gameplay, the puzzle-solving and hiding-from-things, is pared down to vanishing point. It’s almost, but not quite, a walking-simulator like Gone Home, but horror-themed. That said, the plot is memorably disturbing and well-executed.

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" Hurry and you’ll get Amnesia: The Dark Descent for free during the next 24 hours and the game will remain in your library forever. "
I’m assuming if you download it within the 24hr limit you get it permanantly


Thanks! I am at work and try not to click links that might hit the firewall.


Did somebody say… FREE???


Only one… week… til Soma…


So is this game genuinely scary? Or just another compilation of cheap jumpscares?