Have a Disaster Plan


Due to the recent uptick in earthquakes and seismic activity across the world I feel it prudent to mention again, to have a disaster preparedness plan, especially if you live along the coasts or along a fault zone, or surrounding Yellowstone area, or live on an island. Know you exit routes if you might need to travel quickly and do not hesitate to leave. Always have a backpack in your car in case of emergency which should include dry foods like granola bars and a couple bottles of water. Also, a flashlight, lighter (not a Zippo), pocket knife, blanket, and maybe also a change of clothing in a plastic bag. Females, you know what else you need to bring due to monthly cycles, but also note that sanitary napkins can make good bandages. That in mind, also have some bandages on hand and antiseptics.

In your homes if you need to hunker down for any reason have flashlights, candles, emergency small portable radios and batteries, and food and water that will last at least 2 weeks if rationed. Even if you’re insanely short of funds get a couple cases of Ramen noodles and bottled water, granola bars, and canned goods…anything is better than nothing. Do not depend on government assistance. In an earthquake or other disaster situation, critical infrastructure could be compromised so prepare for not having electricity or running water for an extended period of time. Know how you plan to start a fire to cook your food and stay warm. In extreme cases, know how to use self protection.

Also, if you have pets, have a plan for them too!

This is not to alarm anyone, I just wanted to put this out there in light of recent geographical events.


My family has everything ready and set to go all the time. We have a plan on what to do and have things pre-prepared incase anything were to happen. Luckily we live in Missouri, so the only thing we need to worry about are tornadoes. Though we don’t rule anything else out.


Well, depending on exactly where you are you could be facing earthquakes if the New Madrid fault pops off:

But glad to know you have a plan just in case.


I believe that’s only happened once since I’ve been alive. An earthquake in Illinois in 2007 or 2008 I believe. Wasn’t living here now though.


I’m super happy to be living in Australia and therefore never having any problems with natural disasters. Stay safe out there guys.


As a now former Oklahoman I know of tornadoes all too well. People don’t even hide from them in Oklahoma anymore. Every one sets on the porch and stares.

We do have a storm shelter incase it gets too close though.

Now living in Ohio, the only thing I have to worry about is snow. And Spooks I suppose but that’s everywhere. lol


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Yeah, tornadoes aren’t fun. I’m glad we have a basement.


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I hope everyone stays safe. Thankfully I live in Florida and I won’t get any earthquakes, maybe some shock, but that’s unlikely. Stay safe guys :heart:


We don’t get hit by anything other than a shitload of rain, so it’s unnecessary here, but it’s a damn good idea if you live somewhere prone to disasters. A random, but pretty relevant topic.


Hopefully nothing like the Movie 2012 right?

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Even if you live on the coasts or islands, earthquaking at sea can cause tsunami. Not only are the earthquakes upticking in quantity but also their power, and big movement of land mass on one side of the globe can have effects on the opposite sides as the earth basically “readjusts.”

To be honest with you I don’t think anyone is safe in the united states from any disasters. It doesn’t help that most major nuclear facilities are also placed on fault lines. FEMA, while I detest what happened in Katrina, they (according to the grape vine) are strategically placing themselves in certain areas of the united states in preparation for what they believe will be one of the largest natural disaster years we’ve ever seen and will be ready to provide relief efforts. But…don’t depend on FEMA.


So that’s what CERA is in The Division, FEMA. Yeah, I wouldn’t trust them nor rely on them.


Sadly though most of the wildlife are a bit lethal.


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