Have a bot match while looking for a game in hunt 2.0


pretty self explanatory it can keep people from being bored and if you find a match during the bot match it will still go till load screen Is done


That might be a Resource thing where it would just be too costly to develop and too much stress on Console and most PC hardware to implement.


This is an excellent suggestion. You can play and practice while you wait. Possibly the best workaround I’ve heard to the queue problem in Evolve at the moment.

You can king of do this in Dota 2 so I would say that it should be achievable. When I say kind of I know that you can watch live games while you wait for a queue to pop. But different though because this system would require active participation in a bot game whilst being queued for a live person game. The system would need some sort of check to prevent someone in a live game queuing up for another game while they play.



smash bros kinda does it :confused:


Remember though, Smash Bros has a lot less going on then a match of Evolve :wink:


Hunters Quest while waiting :smiley:


how about that test map they used while behemoth was being made


That’d be cool!


Just play Kanye Zone in the Steam overlay if you’re on PC.


Just give me a simple 2D game of Snake on the loading screen where the dots you eat are Mammoth Birds and there’s 4 little Hunter’s chasing you around, and I’ll be happy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t they remove it? =/


They just aren’t support the app anymore. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t migrate over to the main game. Personally I’d love just the replay feature to be scavenged and put in the game.


Pacman? Actually…


That would be nice!! A little practicing before the fight :smile:


I was thinking Snake just because I’ve always loved Snake, and I pictured the little pixelated Hunter’s shooting off the tail pieces. But Pac Man would be awesome too!! :smile:


I was thinking that PacMan is an early version of Evolve. It’s 4V1 where the Hunters have the advantage until the Monster (Pacman) eats enough to Evolve and can eat the Hunters :smiley:


If it looked completely different, just very similar to Pac Man, it wouldn’t be copy write at all, right? That’d be fun. XD


Irrelevant if it works like the auto connect to sever function in TF2. So you set up what kind of game you want to participate in and tell the game to automatically connect you to it once players are found and then start playing in a solo match. Once it finds other players, the automatically ends that and takes you to the lobby for the MP game.


Bob Pacman skin confirmed?


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