Haunted house


So I’m (well have been) in a local haunted house and I absolutely love all things horror and of the likes, and I wanted to know in this post, who’s been to any haunted houses lately and are they really good? This is a pic of my look (minus the blood) and I’d also enjoy your guys critique on it! Don’t worry about being brutal lol I can take it


I have never been to a really good haunted house…but I have been to some with really cool (though played out) rooms. Like the black light room with glowing polka dots and a clown hiding in the corner. Or the claustrophobic room where the walls inflate around you.

Nice make up, by the way!


I liked Eli Roth’s Goretorium here in Las Vegas but it shut down about a year ago. It was super gorey, you walked thru a lot rooms as people were getting murdered. I couldn’t find any pictures of the inside since they didn’t allow photos (obviously).


Aw man I love Eli!!! Made awesome movies! That looks badass!