HATE the new matchmaking system, and all changes from the patch


every time i join a game everything i want to play as seems to be selected cause everyone else loaded faster to the character selection screen. i stayed in a single game with all the same people for several rounds and each time got stuck as the assault…second to least favorite thing to play as. each new game i was the last to load to the character select it seemed as each time EVERYTHING ELSE was already taken, or locked for what ever reason. finally the last game i stuck around for i was luckily able to play as something else. this was not a fun experience for me.

i haven’t seen anything from the latest patch that i like yet though. can we revery back to what it was before? i dont even think im going to like the new leveling system either. it seems kinda lame. i was more for the experience leveling but that is gone, now it seems to be about winning and losing. but see that really sucks because in this game (and same for EVER MP game ever made), there are obvious cheater. people using hacks of some sort. that makes it unfair. i’ve played with a few people that i have never seen lose. i dont know, maybe it still wont suck…just throwing my opinion out there.


Best advice I can give you, is try premade MM? Might cut down on the role racing and stuff. :confused:

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is there an option to change how the match making works?


Don’t believe so, since it’s now considered ranked. You could try customs, or perhaps Arena mode though. Those should still be the same.


When your favorite role was already taken, why haven’t you asked via microphone if the guy who took it can change it with you?


Just back out to the main screen, wait 20 seconds for your spot to be filled and then search again, hopefully queuing with different people?


[quote=“dyetryc, post:1, topic:67508, full:true”]but see that really sucks because in this game (and same for EVER MP game ever made), there are obvious cheater. people using hacks of some sort. that makes it unfair. i’ve played with a few people that i have never seen lose. i dont know, maybe it still wont suck…just throwing my opinion out there.
You’re so full of it bro. People only encounter hackers in 0.1% of the games in Evolve. Or less. So yeah it’s more than likely that those people you’ve never seen lose are just way more experienced than you.

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first of all friend, don’t insult people. secondly, you’re wrong. there are hackers in EVERY game. the more popular a game the more hackers. take COD for perfect example, millions of people love this game for no apparent reason…now you go to youtube and type cod hacks. smellin what im selling yet broham and cheese?

this game is kinda popular, was very anticipated by many people, including myself. im not saying that everyone whom plays this game is a hacker, nor am i saying the majority of the people that play are hackers. all im saying is i have ran into a few of them already. it does not take long for a game to get cheaters and it is not hard to spot. im experienced enough bud. don’t ever tell me im full of it again. i do take that as an insult.

just cause someone beats me, i dont think them a hacker, not at all. i know im not the greatest player in the world, but when i keep playing with the same person and they are the monster and i have different members on my team each time and we can never find the guy and when we do he kicks our butts every time, no matter his level…even level 1 (yes it has happened). then, yes, then im quite sure the person is cheating somehow.

then when that same person is a human and you are the monster a few rounds and now the humans always seem to win. idk maybe im wrong but that is a little fishy. one of the people im talking about i have played with several times already and i have NEVER once seen him win a game.

this is not the only person i’ve played with that i strongly believe is cheating, but it is the main person i keep running into. i havent seen to many people that seem to be hacking, but like i just said i keep getting stuck in games with this guy. i put it on my mother i have never seen him lose and he hardly ever takes any damage. id like to mention his username but i think it’s against the forum rules.


I didn’t insult anyone, don’t exaggerate. And as I said percentage of hackers in Evolve is like 0.1%, or at least not more than 1%. And I couldn’t care less about CoD, never played it and never will. We’re talking about Evolve in particular here, I’m playing this game since alpha and have 600hrs in it at the moment, so pretty sure I have a better understanding of the game and can see when people are actually hacking and when they’re not, plus after all this time playing the game I have a better idea about how often people encounter hackers in it.

Also your argument about winning or losing is really funny, because every time me and my friends played against hacker monsters - we won (hackers are usually terrible at the game and even skill spam with no cooldowns is not changing this fact). Does it make us hackers as well?

In other words, stop assuming, jumping to conclusions and accusing people without having any proof. If you see that some player is doing something that contradicts game mechanics, record a video and report him. If you have nothing but words to support your accusations, don’t even bother mentioning it.


and where is your proof how many people are hacking? ^^


This doesn’t even make any sense. You want me to prove that 99.9% of games I played didn’t have any hackers in it? Like recording a videos of a few thousands of games? And apart from playing the game myself I do watch a lot of streams and videos of other people playing, plus there are these forums and you can see how many hacker reports with proof was posted here (especially after a few months since release, when main holes was patched).

In fact I’m not even sure whether you’re trolling or it was an actual question. Because that’s like asking to prove that majority of people are not murderers, lol. No one needs to prove someone’s innocence unless there are clues or proof that they’re guilty.


you dont have to agree with me, i have a far better understanding of computers and how they work and i have tons of hours put into this game myself, maybe not 600, that seems a bit extreme and perhaps to much free time? and might be your only game? not me, i dont have that much free time and i have a LOT of other games. hacking/cheating in a game is not hard btw. if you disagree, that is fine.

EDIT: just looked, i have 114 hours put into this game, far more than enough time to get an AMAZING understanding of a game and how it works :wink:

this game only has so many players on the pc, it’s not a big number. if even just 1 of those people is hacking it is more than likely you are going to run into him/her a lot…but that also is if you are playing around the time this person plays. the area they live in, the time they work or go to school are factors. so the person i keep running into (that im quite sure is using cheats), is usually online when i am, perhaps you play the game at a different time. you must live in a different area of the world or work different hours than myself and the guy i run into.

disagree with me, agree with me. i dont care what you think to be quite frank. the game has hackers and that is that. nuff said.

there are no games in existence that have multi player but no hackers. that is fact. look it up on the internet. i dont have to prove anything to you. do your own research.

oh and as for the other guys question about hacking proof, that might have been meant for me.


Lol, stopped reading after this. How insightful… it might work when you say it to your mum, but you just said that to a programmer who is working with computers before you was even born most likely. I can write software that’s exploiting bugs in game’s code and used by these “hacker” kids myself, but that would be tasteless.

We’re not talking about a matter of opinion here, so agreeing or disagreeing is irrelevant. Provide proof like everyone else do in these rare cases or stop presenting your fantasies as reality. And you’d have much easier time against these “hackers” if you learned how to play this game instead of wasting time on making useless topics on the forum (and it is definitely useless because instead of constructive criticism you’re just throwing false accusations around without any proof). I’m out of here.


Came to read the entire thread, stopped here cause I can’t stop laughing.


No need for proof. You just said it yourself. You could easily write the programs these kids use…nuff said right there. You know its easy. I know its easy.

Like I’ve mentioned, every online game has hackers. Even you admitted this game does earlier.

You kinda added to my point buddy. On a couple occasions without realizing. Lol.


I have never encountered hackers to my knowledge. Unless they are the ones making me spawn into the game with no flashlight and make bodies fall through the map…


nah those are game glitches/bugs. usually hackers/cheaters use programs that help them aim, this is one of the most common hacks in games. but there are times when people can see through walls like in “call of dooty” look on youtube and type cod hacks, you’ll see. these ppl can see through walls, shoot you through the wall they are seeing through, then move faster than other players, have infinite or even just EXTRA health, infinite ammo, never reload, and soo much more.

the guy i keep encountering seems to have health that hardly decreases. one of the times i played against him being the monster, he was lvl 1 and killed us with almost full health. never seen him lose before or after that and have played plenty of games with this person. it was from that game on that i believe he is cheating some how. i dont like to call it hacking as cheating in a game using a program and hacking are 2 very different things…but yeah. something isnt right.

i dont have proof nor will i ever, i no longer play this game for many reasons, this being just one of them. i dont care to try to provide proof cause that means i have to play this game again, not gonna happen, and even if i did i have to find and play this guy or one of the 2 others. to time consuming.

regardless if anyone believes me or not, it’s what i know. it’s my opinion. it’s what i’ve witnessed. my opinion does not effect anyone on this forum unless they are this cheater im talking about or one of the cheaters whom play this game. so why people need to come here and tell me im full of it, or that i dont know what im talking about is beyond me. i own over 400 games that have online play. all sorts of different game modes, from death match to ctf, to king of the hill, to invasion, to coop, to many others. i have over 6000 hours of gaming on xfire, and i havent touched xfire in a while. look me up: cfreakdog. i know when something in a game is not right. i play many games and i stick around to be sure. so stop telling me im wrong when you dont even know what youre talking about. were you there? no. so how do you know im wrong, or full of it as you say?

thank you for your time and replies, sorry that my experience playing this game offends you, but get off my back. unless you are cheating, this post has nothing to do with you and affects you in no way. it does not affect your ability to play this game. so leave it at that. stop making claims to be a programmer without proof but then asking me to provide proof of something. thank you.