Has there ever in the history of Evolve


Okay, so I watched videos on Evolve, and I have a big question. Has a Reaver ever killed anybody in the game? I see Mammoth birds do this all the time, and Reavers do damage, so has anyone actually been killed by one of these annoying little buggers?


I get murdered by Reavers all the time.


I was Behemoth once and Indiana Jones’d all over a Griffin, who was promptly downed by a Reaver. Does that count?


It’s pretty much a guarantee that any of the wildlife have sent players to their doom. I’ve been shoved into the Monster’s grasp once or twice by Canyon Striders :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it does. Are there any videos, for example, @Donut, do you have any videos on it


Nope, sorry, but I was S1 Kraken, had just escaped hunters with 1/2 a bar, then got triple shotted by 3 reavers >,>


I got downed by one today.


Made it myself to commemorate this thread


Got the picture without words? For… Research purposes.


Got it from the wiki


Reavers eat hunter corpses right? I’m sure I’ve seen someone say they can eat wildlife corpses atleast.


Oh yeah, I remember, some guy said he couldn’t get megamouth buff because a reaver was eating it


They can, once I downed myself to a Reaver, Laz took his sweet ass time, I died before he arrived, and I got ate ;-;


Excellent! Then I can do this!



Striders are the worst when it’s a giant pack of them, when you’re a hunter they just slow your movement by so much.


My latest creation


This is now a reaver meme hub lol


But enough de-railing, @ToiletWraith, do you have videos of a reaver kill?


I don’t, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: