Has the story of Evolve been released yet?


Ever since I got my hands on Alpha, I wondered what the idea of Evolve is. Why is the Monster put against four hunters trying to stop him before the generator. How did the monster get here in the first place? Does anyone have a idea or has some information been released?


So far it’s as follows:

  • Human’s have started colonising plants. Sheer is a frontier planet on the edge of the galaxy that has been a part of the colonisation process for many years.

  • Monsters attack the human settlements (mainly power relays) for unknown reasons (wether that’s the fictional reason or not is yet to be announced. It could be that their reason for attacking just hasn’t been revealed by the devs/2K).

  • An elite team of Hunters (A.K.A. Planet Tamers") are called in to kill the Monster.

I think that’s all so far. There’s probably a tonne more that we don’t know yet


I’m really not too fond of a story; I don’t know about you lot, but I like these kinds of title to just be about “Monster bad, you good, go kill!” because sometimes it can even ruin whatever mystery there is. While at first I wanted story in TF2, it wasn’t all that good nor well told and the few exceptions that made me giggle were the Saxton Hale comics. I think players should leave it to their imagination as to why the Hunters are on Shear, where the monsters originate and so on, kinda like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction or the ending to The Italian Job.

If there is to be more story development I can only imagine it’s part of the reason why the game’s being delayed to 2015.


I like a setup but I’d rather they keep the “mystery” of the monsters. I like L4D’s story, it sets it up nicely but I like that it’s just all in the environment and from random lines/conversations. Never really revealed how the outbreak began or what caused it, and I like it that way.

I hope we never find out where the monsters came from or what they want, that will keep them ominous. Maybe hints but never any definite answers.


I wouldn’t mind a bit of story in game, but what I’d prefer is a lot of detail outside the game. When I play, I don’t really pay attention to storyline (in games like this anyway). I barely remember anything about the Titanfall backstory, because I didn’t give a crap. I just wanted to unlock the titans. :slight_smile: I think Evolve would be the same. If there’s detailed story information, I will most likely ignore it because I just want to get to the shooting.

However, I think there’s a lot of potential for a deep lore for Evolve. Instead of having it in the game, put up info on the website, maybe do some books or whatever, let fans write pieces. Maybe even keep some of it a mystery, but release clues as time goes on. Let it be something that grows with the game, but along side it rather than in it.


The monsters were really bred in a rival hunting lodge laboratory to do away with the ‘Pro’ hunters so that the B team could them get all the future contracts.


If they don’t make that the story they missed out on a whole new DLC