Has the monster gone... too far


We all feel it, after you played a few rounds of the monster. Maybe (like me) you lost your first round because you had no tactic and were learning how to play the monster, or thanks to a very well coordinated team, or… the timer ran out and you suddenly lost, which happend to me…

And after that… you decided to step up your game and start wrecking teams as if the game was actually size related. So, first, my playstyle, to scetch out how bad I am:

Perk: 15% Cooldown reduction

Initial skills pre-game: 2 in fire breath, 1 in rock trow (here the 15% CDR will be usefull, since you only have 2 strong skills to work with)
First evolve: Finish off fire breath, 1 in leap smash and 1 in charge
Second evolve: 2 more in rock trow and the last one in whichever you prefer ( I tend to use it on leap smash)

Now, my playstyle is focused on not being domed… well, lets say touched untill you are stage 3. I achieve this by using stealth the whole time when I’m not getting shot at. So I tend to just farm, if I get found, I jump with 3 huuuge leaps away. Then (as in almost every map presented) I find the river, and travel it all the way back up with leaps since there is no tracking in water. Then, in stage 3 you go in, use 2 skills, you use your maxed out fire, spray everyone with it, then trow your rock at the lowest health/non shielded target. And then hit some basic attacks, spit some fire (since the cooldown is really low) and continue from the start. I don’t even have any idea what buttons the other abilities are bound to, all I know is 1= Trow huge boulder, 2= Spray them in the face with fire.

Do you even… win?
Now, you might say, damn PSV you must be failing so hard. You only use 2 abilities actively. Ha…ha
No… Thats not the case, I wreck teams with it. I troll teams with it. The end game cam with birds-eye view just shows how strong stealth is. And how fast the goliath actually is. Because you see the hunters looking at the opposite side of the map looking for me…

And what about Mr. Kraken?
Well then PSV, whats your opinion on the kraken? I don’t even have him unlocked, why? Because the 2 things I need is damage with leap smash, and charge. 2 abilities I never use. So the kraken won’t be unlocked by me this alpha. (No, I’m not a level 6 scrub who feels he just conquered the world with 2 wins as goliath, I am nearing level 21 and played about 16 goliath games. of which 14 were wins using the stealth tactic.

Do you have a fix?
Well, not a direct one, I have thought about it, and when you start thinking, the only real fix I have is putting a cooldown period on sniffing (right click) since you can spam that as much as you want. There is no reason for not spamming your right mouse button when playing evolve. I suggest putting it at 10 seconds or more.

Furthermore it might be handy to not make it 3 upgrades in each skill. But, say 6 ( 10% per upgrade instead of 20%), and limit the amount of points you can put in each skill. Like for example you wont be able to put all 6 points in fire breath, but a cap of, 3 per evolve to spread the damage more between the abilities. Because only using 2 abilities is just rediculous. You would still be able to focus one ability more then another, but not in the insane way it’s possible now.

If you want I can make a video of this process, and show the amount of bullshit I go trough every game. You nearly laugh the balance of the screen.


My question is why you would not use the two abilities that move you quickly as your first skills? If your intention is to not get caught, you are losing out on a lot of speed without Leap and Charge right off the bat. Not to mention, you have to wait for Fire to stop to start feeding, and Rock makes you stop to throw. Leap doesn’t require you to stop at all, and allows you to feed immediately, saving you time on both accounts. If you are intent on not fighting at stage one, having the extra damage of Fire and Rock is not necessary then.

If you want to troll or just win at stage 1, then yeah, Fire and Rock are probably your best bets, but not for the strategy you state in your post.


IMO you just didn’t play a good hunter team. It’s alpha, and matchmaking isn’t close to what it’ll be on release, so I’m not surprised, but your strat does have things that could definitely be tweaked like ninja pointed out to make it even stronger. That’s beside the point.

I played somewhere around 30 games as goliath (didn’t lose a single one, but damn was my first game close), and only 3 on Kraken(because HE is OP IMO so I stayed away). Despite those wins I still think Goliath is pretty darn balanced. I knew what I was doing going in, for the most part, while other people were learning. Games definitely got tougher as the alpha went on, but what really makes me think he’s balanced are my hunter games. With a coordinated 4 man group I won over 90% of my games hunter side. and the few we lost were “mostly” due to d/cs or other bug related issues. We had some really great showdowns between obviously skilled goliaths and it came down to the wire at times, but I honestly think the advantage is on the hunter team, and rightly so. It takes a lot of coordination to pull the advantage, but that’s what the hunters are about.


You really are just hindering yourself if you’re not using the potential of Charge and Leap Smash to the maximum. Also I’d also like to question your choice of not taking Charge or Leap Smash or even both right off the bat since they increase your mobility even more and should make for a safer stage 1.

And to comment on your playstyle of sneaking till stage 3, I’ve done it myself, when I was less experienced with the Goliath. After a while it got really boring to me just trying to farm for 15 minutes to get to stage 3. Now I like to evolve to stage 2 get full armor and try to fight the hunters to possibly end the game quick or to get a few strikes on them to make the next fight easier.


This is not needed, his leap is already pretty good. I take 3 points in firebreath myself most of the time, easy to kill a lot of wildlife at the same time and VERY strong when caught at stage 1


Goliaths leap is very good yes but adding Charge or Leap smash or both does increase his mobility, you can’t deny that.

Interesting starting build for Goliath you have. I also like taking fire breath at the start to kill wildlife easily but I only take one or two points. I experimented with taking 1 point in it and taking the damage increase perk so it still kills wildlife quite easily and I found out it worked well for me.

And what comes to stage 1 fights with 3 points in Fire Breath, sure it does alot of damage but you’re relying on 1 ability and it’s cooldown. If you had a point in example charge you could cc multiple hunters thus receiving less damage in a stage 1 fight, where it’s important to not take damage (assuming your tactic doesn’t involve a stage 1 fight with the hunters).


Depends on how far the hunters are behind, if i can evolve is do it immediatly ( with the speed eating perk this can happen very quick in a match ) But sometimes i prefer to sneak attack one, or just fight. Ive won multiple fights with only firebreath because they kept grouping up. This will most likely chance after the game is released because hunters will become smarter :slight_smile:


I didn’t make this post for people to review my playstyle. My playstyle works. You missed… a lot of information it seems.
I don’t need to move quicker, I sneak, and when I don’t sneak, I have 3 giant leaps with spacebar (which are probably faster then the other abilities) As I’ve said, this works, while it shouldn’t work. Since I’m not even using my abilities to their full potential.

But, the reason behind my choice of only actually using 2 abilities, is damage. I only need damage to win, and get to stage 3. That’s all. And if I get trapped in stage 2 (which occurs very rarely since you can spam your right mouse button and see trappers coming if they decide to cut you off) I’m still able to survive because I have so much damage. I won twice this was (although I’ve got to admit, one was pretty lucky, they caught me while I was still evolving. I still won that round because of the cave they were trapped in) But I never ever felt I needed the other 2 abilities to survive, which should never be the case.


You are missing my point, I don’t need mobility, at all. I already have a leap with spacebar and I can sneak around the whole game. My strategy works, thats why I made this post, It shouldn’t work. And to tell me I just met bad hunter teams is well… pretty stupid. I played 3 more games yesterday. Didn’t even come close to losing. Ofcourse, knowing when to fight/when not to is also key to this strategy. You can’t use this strategy if your a complete retard. Mobility isn’t even close to be a priority over anything. Might as well just went full rock trow in stage 2. Wouldn’t make a single difference. Trust me, I would win. I’m pretty confident about that.