Has dynamic weather ever been discussed by the developers?


Just thought how cool it would be to have some rounds of lets say Dam have torrential downpours during them while other rounds would have clear skies like it is. It would be awesome being the monster and scary for the hunters to have less visibility.

I know the new maps have snow but it seems like its constantly snowing game to game and never stops or lets up, it would be neat to see some kind of dynamic weather implemented in which weather can stop completely or slow down, pick up, etc.

(God my grammar and sentence structure has gone downhill since high school lol)


Dude! You have missed the party! Weather is already dynamic in the game. It doesn’t rain for the first minutes and all the sudden - there’s the rain. Same goes for the snow! Watch few gameplays and you’ll notice that happening.


Yeah, Dynamic Weather is in.

Fusion Plant: Rain
The Dam: Fog
Distillery: Snowstorms


Oh great :smile:

Havent watched much gameplay lately I was just using my alpha playtime as reference.

Good to hear! :smiley:


Yup, weather is very dynamic in evolve. Ive seen a match on the dam that started in fog!


There’s also been mention of some unrevealed dynamic “things” which include acid and smoke. Curious to see how these effect gameplay


Someone made a good point that both of those would fit well in a volcanic type of biome


It might have been me who made that point. There’s gonna be four biomes in total, three have been revealed so far so it would make sense for the last to be Volcanic, since I recall acid being involved in Volcanoes somehow. Smoke from a Volcano is pretty self explanatory.

There’s also this concept art board I found which appear to be maps. It’s a little low quality, but notice the orange one in the middle near the top. Looks like lava to me


Yeah, I think a volcanic map is a safe bet. I think it would be cool if they had harmful weather effects, like acid rain, toxic vapors, hailstorms, or something like that… I don’t think they probably will though


That probably is just volcanos but wouldn’t it be really cool to have a map that takes place in and around a currently raging forest fire in the higher up branches of the trees?

edit: the fire being mainly in the upper trees, not the characters up there just to clarify


Can’t wait to see these new environments!


That’d be interesting, maybe if the whole map was full of smoke and the animals were running around in panic. It’d be harder for the Monster to catch them and the Hunters could end up running into a panicked Tyrant or something.


Has anyone mentioned like underground environments with lava flow, stalagmites, giant open caverns, luminescent rocks, or cave ins?

Or a planet with weakened gravity or something so that some bits of asteroids float next to the surface.


Yea I’m thinking like embers whipping by in the wind at all times and maybe a non fire rocky area that has a lot of smoke blowing out of the fire section and maybe some building/power relay structure in the center of a small lake in the forest to keep it from burning down.

I would be very surprised if that actually happened but man it’d be so cool.


Oh my gosh YES! I want a total underground lava flow map! WOW that would be AWESOME


I personally believe that the last biome type at launch is some sort of Plains environment.

Remember, Armadons and Phantoms, where would they live


That’s the first I’ve heard! That could be very interesting.


I would like to see the environment to be as deadly as the wildlife. Maybe getting hit by a tree or something like that.


You couldn’t do an entirely underground map because it would make Hank’s orbital barrage useless. And the entire game takes place on Shear so a low gravity map seems unlikely. Also, @Plaff, where did you hear that there was only 4 biomes? I hadn’t heard that.


It could be underground , but have like open air passages or something, just for the people who want to be finicky about things like what you said. In terms of things like this, and the “only on Shear” its all about expanding the imagination for the sake of fun. As a fan of Alien you know that monsters often get out of their intended quarantine or home rather quickly. It is a game after all.