Has Daisy become unavoidable?


She certainly takes the fun out of sneaking. Might aswell just run in circles and keep feeding? In alpha it was enough to lay a couple of fake tracks here and there, but not that dog just runs after you like a mad man.


She was flawed in Alpha- a bug in her coding. She’s fine now- pretty easy to shake with water, traversals, etc. Watch some of the TRS streams or Press Release streams linked on the forums for tips.


As @MidnightMonash stated, use water, acid, wildlife, and traversals to your advantage. Goliath should have a moderately easy time at this, and Wraith? Soon as she sees Daisy in the area, she’s gone. The only one of the three that I’ve had trouble with concerning Daisy is Kraken. That takes a little more skill.


Mainly due to the fact that Kraken’s traversal leaves tracks and takes a while to cover full distance. But even with him, it isn’t too hard. Once you lose Daisy? You win.


'Eh, I feel like Kraken is slower than the others. I don’t know why, I know that their base movement speeds are all the same (I think), but Kraken just feels… Slow. Even while flying he feels slow.


I was able to shake Daisy with the Kraken for a good long while earlier… though I don’t think it was against the most experienced Trapper.

… but I will absolutely say that I was so, so glad to have her on my side against a Wraith earlier. I don’t know if there’s a better way to find a sneaky Wraith than her, but I know I’d not have been able to do it without her.


I think his flying IS slow.


Even his Air Bursts seem slow! Like, honestly, he kind of just floats. I may as well be just normally moving as the Wraith.