Has contacting 2K support over missing event skins worked for anyone?


So I didn’t get the wraith voodoo skin despite doing a couple of online matches, I know I am meant to contact 2K support but to be honest, I’ve heard such bad things I don’t know if I care enough to try when there’s no chance.

Have they ever got someone their event skins or should I just accept no voodoo skin on the wraith? -_-


No one has the Wraith Voodoo Skin yet.

You can try contacting 2K, if they respond please let us know.


Oh wow, so maybe I will get it, nice change of avatar by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking there was a hiccup or the maps/patches took priority over the skin. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon!

And thank you, I had to adjust it for the new circular avatars. :smile:


I have the voodoo wraith


Had to be walked through a long process to get my Xbox and 2k account re synced up to my app for the Maggie skin. They were very helpful to me, only 1 business day max for a response.