Has anyone upgraded their PS4 HD? What'd you use?


I’ve been researching good hard drives to use in the PS4 and I’d just like to hear opinions from people who have upgraded.

What drive did you use? How large? Notice any changes in your PS4 besides more space, obviously?

Thanks in advance!


I use a Dell 1tb hard drive. No real difference besides space.


Usually harddrives on consoles change nothing other than space.



I bought myself this harddrive:

It’s a link from the german amazon sorry for that.
Other than space you won’t notice that much of a difference. I once saw a SSD build in a PS4, result was: the boot up of the ps4 is 2 seconds faster.
So really not worth the costs. Go with a HDD up to 2 TB (limit of the PS4) and you are good to go.


Not true. Solid state drives alter speeds and such.

P.S. What’s with the snark?


I was curious about the space limit as well. I was getting conflicting info as to whether 2tb was the max or not.


The differences are minimal for extra storage. Or at least they were last time I checked. I believe Game Informer has an article and recommendations.


They do and I have that article. It’s also at least a year old. I’m just gathering info and looking for some kind of consensus as to which drive to get. So, I figured the best thing to do would be to ask people who have already switched them out.


Good call! I just use a 2tb flash, but X1 only allows for an external drive. So other than the information I suggested (that you already had) I am of no use. :neutral_face:


I hear ya. Thanks for trying. By the way, I don’t remember, are you into Rob Zombie at all?


I was. I was a hardcore RZ fan. He was my first ever concert. His more recent stuff felt phoned in to me. Is he releasing something new?


Yes, he’s got a PledgeMusic campaign for a new album and movie. You should check it out.

For me, nothing has topped Hellbilly Deluxe as a whole, but some of his newer songs are awesome. I especially like the few tracks where Joey Jordison played drums. Probably the heaviest Zombie has ever been.


I didn’t even know PledgeMusic was a thing. I’ll check it out!


Seagate 1tb hybrid


You should. I’ve pledged several small artists that I love. I will say, I’m a little leary of pledging Zombie because his little brother screwed me over. Powerman 5000 asks for pledges and then goes and sells a Best Buy exclusive version of the album with bonus tracks. What?!?


Thank you. I’ve seen that one pop up a few times and I’m leaning towards it.


What really? That blows!


Right? If you have an exclusivity deal with Best Buy, you obviously don’t need my money. It was cheaper through BB and had bonus tracks. I was pissed.


No problem m80, it works really well and the load times are better now


Can’t believe they’d do that. Granted I don’t actually know them, but still. :frowning: