Has anyone tried playing Wraith without Warp Blast?


If so, was it successful?

I wanna try it out myself but I’m too scared as it has been my main damage dealer since forever. Other than Abduct into Supernova Decoy.


It might be too weak without it.


Tried out against a good premade. Destroyed them with Skywraith. Used an SN/Decoy build…



Didn’t they have Caira?


Doing this for the elite skin. To lvl up sn -.-"


They used all kinds of comps.

I know for a fact that SN and Decoy are terrible.


They weren’t always so crappy.


Do you supernova, abduct, decoy? I’m so lost on that combo…

I’ve played Wraith a few times without warp blast… Was really… different… I still won tho! ^.^

But those hunters probably sucked…


can do 3point decoy, 3point supernova, 2point abduct 1 point warp blast.

use warp blast to push hunters into corners, supernova->decoy -> abduct if they get away alive.


You get somewhere far and enclosed, abduct a hunter, and spawn the supernova and the decoy in the cloud.
This used to be a death sentence, now it just tickles the hunter.


I beat a team using lvl 3 Abduct, Supernova, and a loooot of pouncing.
It was interesting to say the least ;p


I always go three points in abduct at the start. That way I can take prey into caves.


I feel that without at least one point into Warpblast, you lack of…something… to finish them.
But maybe it’s me, and I should be a liiiittle bit more aggresive with Supernova.

Then, I always take at least one point into WB for traversal utility, yeah sorry.

Otherwise my damage dealer is Decoy, it’s pretty good… (never took it if it’s less than two points)
People really tend to ignore your Decoy when they see the cloaked Wraith… What an error !

Even that, when you’re focusing on someone, you can be sure that your Decoy will hit one or two times at least if you activate it.

And… now I rarely use the Decoy+SN combo even if I take these abilities…
Here why :

  • first I feel that you take the risk to potentially waste two abilities at once if hunters dodge/force you to blink away
  • it kind of forces you to use your Decoy close to hunters, and such being easily seen, nullifying your cloak
  • Lv3 Decoy does enough damages like that ; finish them personnaly with your SN or WB if a target is on low health
  • SN is short now, but also its radius is too little if you put only 1 point in it…


So uh… I heard Supernova ‘buffs’ your abilities? What does it do to Warp Blast/Abduction…? Clearly we’ve seen what it does to decoy…


I think it amps damage


I feel like wraith without warpblast is salt with out pepper chandler without joey sex without finishing you know just not right.


Anyone tried 3 points on decoy to start with + the cooldown reduction perk?


I strongly dislike decoy. I rarely use it and Wraith is the only monster I’ve gotten elite so far.


Try Super Nova/Decoy on Wraith trap, and camp the tunnels. ^.-


Works great untilled the stink bombs come in.