Has anyone noticed this?


I have seen two small bugs

  1. When the monster wins a battle, you know there is a cut scene of him screaming, but it’s funny because when he does it ,the ground keeps moving super fast, like he is flying while screaming lol
  2. As hunters, you guys know there is mini conversation between the hunters, but sometimes there are these long awkward pauses or sometimes they just don’t talk , this happens to me almost ALL the time.


Yeah I just saw the first one a few minutes ago and I get the second one a lot.


Some of the conversations are random. Sometimes you’ll only get small snippets, they don’t talk the entire round.


No but I have seen the same conversation many times and each time they have different pauses and they just say the first line and !boom! silence, I doubt this is normal, it’s like one of the hunters ask something to the other and !bam! Silence


I’m not sure if that’s a bug or not. I think the game will just randomly decide where and when to cut the conversation,


But if it is like that, then some conversations will make no sense at all


I suppose so. I’m sure it’s procedural so that they will make sense in some kind of way, but I like I said I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not.


Think whether you can hear the conversation is based on your proximity to the hunters in question.
If Hyde and Maggie are talking, and you’re next to Hyde you might just hear him talking to himself


It mostly happens when I’m on the ship, not when landing.


Oh, sorry. Misunderstood what you were saying.

As for your actual concern, idk. I used to think it was related to if you were using the voice chat, but it recently happened to me on a solo match. So that doesn’t seem likely anymore


No worries, I just hope some dev can check this out