Has anyone got any good Ideas to Increase player base?

li{ color:orange; } body{ background:#000; } Not to say TRS arent good, but the player base is struggling.Some Reasons I see might be an issue as a relatively new player are as follows:
  1. DLC
  2. Tough game ( Almost like a sport )
  3. Learning Curve
  4. Lack of story
  5. Team Dependance
  1. the DLC at the beginning was a put off, the price was @ half and dlc still cost 117 euro, so full price plus game itself would have cost about 300 euro. I know now you dont need the dlc to play the game, but when looking to buy this turns people away if reviews dont do that first.

  2. This game is a challenge, I enjoy the hunt and the battle but still loose so many games online, PC the lack of people playing hunt means i have to play offline with bots, which mean im not prepped for real people very well, bots and people are completely different game dynamics, I can hide from people but bots see you hidden in bushes when people wouldn’t. I would suggest maybe adding a map mode that allows you to judge how fast you move and train yourself up, There is the tutorial mode but strangest thing about a timed lap is it usually give you the time, tutorial mode should have a timer in the corner.

3.The learning curve is tough, not like shooter games, you cant just aim and shoot and hope to win, you need to think and play and hope your clever enough and smart enough to get the edge over the others. if you are the monster you need to take into account the skill types and the weapons they carry and how things are going to work out for you. so you need knowledge of each hunter, before the match starts you see a preview of what your up against and you need to have a strategy that might work. If you die hunter wins, if you dont kill all the hunters before the timer runs out, HUNTER wins, so learning as a monster is steep, learn each hunter class isnt as tough as hunters need to learn how to dodge each attack but if dead they still get chances to come back, hunters keystone is to be organised and skilled at the class you choose. Downside to hunters is if you get a good team together thats great but you have to enjoy the class you are in that team. the downside to being used to playing as a hunter is you need your team to be playing to play the game. if you dont you risk a bot and their idiots when on your team.

4.I personally get the basic story, I dont get caught up in the whole story side of things but people enjoy these stories. it helps get you immerse in a game. I generally play as monster, I think goliath looks awesome and his powers are cool etc but I havent a clue what his story is. I guessed from game modes that he is from a different planet and enters this planet through a rift? not much story there. It would be cool to see where they are from, what their mission is and what planet they’re from. The information is there I’m guessing but as a player people dont want to have to research the game to get the story.

5.I touched on this above. You are dependent on a team if you are a team player. I played online with my bro and I had a team, me and three bots. Its like taking kids to pet a wild tiger. they just go in for the kill and dont throw up a dome when needed and dont avoid thing people would usually. so even when hunting you have to save them from wild life because they just shoot everything they see and their not smart enough to stay out of the way. when you hear them say toad you know your going to have to help kill it. they die! you die! This kills the game a bit for me.

What would be an amazing solution to this problem that could maybe be introduced to Evolve 2?? Well you have 4 classes, so you must now play as 4 people, but what if 2 people could play? say 4 hunters damage = 100%, allow a choice of 2 hunters, 2 hunter = 100% but have 50% each rather than the 25% each hunter has currently. What do you do with the classes? Split them, put support and trapper as one dual class and assault and medic as the other dual class. this means 2 on 1 with relatively balanced odds still intact.

but until 2 comes along, put sudden death mode on lennox, give her the trapper class and daisy and even thing out a bit. this way 2 people can play the game and enjoy it without babysitting bots the majority of the time. This should help the player base as it doesnt take 5 people just to get a game going. I havent given many solutions but more problems, but the lennox idea might help a fair bit and its not really a stretch to add this as the attributes are all in the game, It would be similar as to how meteor goliath came about, looks different with tweaked abilities. but my lennox would have to be vamped up to take over from a team.


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