Has anyone fallen through the map as a monster!?!?


Has anyone else fallen through the map as a monster I know hunter do it but never heard of a monster falling through the map.


yes very often…


Yea, once as Wraith I think.


I was wraith so it took forever to fall all the way down. Speaking of which its kinda unacceptable to have such common bugs in a triple a game


I would rather have a patch fixing bugs instead of a balance patch.


I haven’t gotten it at all.

Also, the micropatching system only allows them to change numbers quickly because of the console verification process. PC still gets fairly regular bugfixes with these balance patches, though. Console gets them in title updates.


Code patches take a lot longer and require platform certification.

Also, not all bugs are easily corrected. One change to the code for a simple fix could have a butterfly effect.


Yeah, once as Behemoth during defend. I had this awesome space view of the underside of the map. Watched the hunters kill my minions and everyone looked like ants. Got some great pics.

Another time as Behemoth I was climbing a wall and got harpooned in the back, it pulled me down and I got stuck in an invisible wall. Only two of my four attacks would penetrate the invisible wall, but I racked up a ton of masteries on the hunters. Longest. Match. Ever, but I won.


You won… from behind a glitched wall…? Why didn’t the hunters just run away and let the clock run down if they were bad enough off that they ended up losing? O_o


Oh, it was in solo mode. It was when Behemoth first dropped and I wanted to get a handle on him.


Ah that makes more sense then XD I was just so dumbfounded thinking that human hunters stayed there long enough to die.


Never ever ever ever gotten this.


story time: i was wraith was falling, luckally i got the grab skill and used it patiently waiting for the hunters to drop and when they dropped i grabbed one and was in land again!!! I LIVE!!!