Has anyone else noticed this ANNOYING problem?


Still trying to figure what it’s all about when firing as a hunter why is my character moving forward by itself. This is extremely aggravating when falling off high points, directly into a monsters path. Especially when the jet fuel is too damn precious to be wasting getting back to high spot to stay in the fight especially as a medic class. Is this a serious miss in the gameplay development or an active part of gameplay? (Ps4)


I’m fairly sure you posted this twice,
But not to be mean, I’m just being nice,
I think this might a problem with your system
As I know of no bugs that could match this description!


it might be becauseyr moving while shootimg aiming


There are some of my friends who have noticed the same issue. If it was the system it wouldn’t have an issue in game, and with other players.


Not the case either. I’ve tested it several times to check to see if I was accidentally pressing the sticks forward.


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seems like an input problem. what system/platform are you on? Is this a new or prolonged problem. Get some more of that info and might be easier to help fix your problem or point you in the right direction. (might edit the OP with it as well)


Prolonged bought the game the day of release. Ps4 platform what op would you recommend me to submit this under? I went under general and bugs and have found nothing so far


I have fallen off a ledge several times while not moving. It’s like I’m getting sucked off the ledge or maybe sliding off the ledge. It’s like as if almost every ledge is designed to be somewhat slanted. It’s quite annoying. FYI I’m on the Xbox One.


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My apologies if this offends you somehow, although I will still try to aid,
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As for this issue, if it’s not the system, I’m not sure what more I can tell you.
Have you sent in a ticket, to Turtle or 2k, if such a solution compels you.


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