Has anyone else been smacked by this comp?

So it’s:


I was Behemoth and it was on Aviary
For the first 2 minutes I thought it was going pretty well… Then the UAV tracked me

That sounds like a really cruel comp, I’m sorry.

As a rule of thumb, if I know I’m probably going to be domed, I like to try and be the one to strike first - hopefully they’re not all in position yet, and you might be able to get something done before they have absurd traps and things everywhere.

If Jack is stopping you, I would do what @MacMan said elsewhere: Blow a traversal or two to completely drain the forcefield, and then use a movement ability (or a third traversal, since they come back very rapidly in combat) to get on top of him (or your chosen priority target) and squish them in that brief window of freedom.

just faced this comp , and have a few other times as well.

I lost to comp like that but instead of markov it was hyde. The thing is that Lazarus was always outside the dome, so I don’t consider them having the win because it’s a coward move of them.


Laz and Jack together :skull:
Very difficult to keep players down. Add bucket to the mix… omg, run away!

it’s not pleasant, you need to own your little space and use lavabomb to keep it sentry free, until you can get to fight in a spot you like :smile:

I got rekt last night by a Laz, Cabot, Jack, Hyde comp as Kraken
And the Laz was always outside the dome


Yep. I defeated them, but they hit quite hard. I play often with a good Laz, so I can somewhat deal with him better now.

Try laz sunny jack Markov as kraken lmfao my only loss in hunt 2.0

That’s like saying you don’t consider a monster winning because he ran inside the dome at stage 1. You dun got beat fair n square kiddo

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Swap Markov for Torvald, and you have my most feared comp. Bucket and Torvald make camping a bad idea, and Jack makes it so you can’t hop back in. So depending on who you got down, you are in trouble.

I have been getting lennox and hyde with that grouping. Lennox is easier to avoid but hyde is miserable since his flamethrower has burn effect and can be pointed in a general area. Don’t need any precision aiming with him and toxic grenades. >_>; I always just want to go cry in a corner when i see Hyde. Wraith just melts. ;-;

Fair and square? Yeah, because if Lazarus was in the dome I would’ve won easily. I fought them the first time and won because I’ll ambush Lazarus instead of the other teammates. Later the Lazarus will be far away from the group and dome.

Giving heals outside of the dome as well? Come on.

That’s no fair win, but if you think it is then I bet you pull this off and think you’re a pro because you won at the end. A stage 1 monster can still be destroyed by a coordinated team, I myself have done it as well.

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Are you on ps4???

Lennox is easier, because you could just pummel her first and she will barely touch you with her lance getting canceled over and over. But in the end you have the medic just observing until you make a slip and then swoops in to revive, and by that time you’ll be running around the dome due to low health.

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If Laz is outside the dome, why not kill Jack so the dome goes down, and then kill Lazarus? Even if he rez’s Jack back up, there is a window to do some damage without restriction while the dome is under cool down, or you can flee until the right moment appears.

Domes don’t stop you body camping. Dome or not you still have to body camp to get that perma strike with laz. The only option it presents to you if that you can run away.

I staged 3 and I did got jack down but it still leads to punishment. At the end jack will be revived without no strike, so it’s just a repetitive process that goes on. Its tough to get laz because it was a squad with communication, so they must know every move they take will succeed. I was goliath though so facing hyde was already a pain.

Try going against Jack, Laz, Hank, and Hyde.

Yeah this comp is worse for the monster in my book. Without a defensive support Jack is fairly easy to take down. Which means no dome. So the only damage you take is what you CHOOSE to take.