Has anyone been hunted in "defense mode"?


I got pissed off the other day. I was playing evacuation and reached the last stand, and realized I was playing with a group of smart butts who realized they infinitely respawn.

The map, to begin with, is small and the wild life is few, if almost non existence.

The other day the hunters went around killing the wildlife and hunting me down when the match began. They realized that it’s easier to kill the monster than defending all three power cores, and they are right. What penalty do hunters suffer in defense mode for dying. None!!! They figured they might as well cause as much damage as they can and then do it again when they respawn. There’s no need to protect the power cores because the turrets do a good a good job at killing a few waves of minions.

Kill the hunter, but they respawn faster than you can finish destroying a relay. The hunters have no incentive to protect the power cores when they can kill you before you can destroy all three of them.

Everyone complains about the Wraith, but defense mode is a given match to the hunters. There’s no balance. No easy wins for the monster.

Even when you don’t hunt down the monster, it pretty tough for the monster. When I play a hunter, I sit back, and slow the monsters down with Val from a distant high spot. I hit them over and over and over again the Val’s trang. I pick the faster reload or more ammo perk. I know there’s no reason to worry about losing. I’ll ocasionally use Val’s sniper rifle to add weak spots. The fight ends before it begins. If I play with the right group, the monster is slowed and tagged the entire match.

I’ve only lost defense mode once as the hunter, but it was when I was thrown into a game playing as assualt, a class that is alien to me. I was so surprised to see the ending that I thought it was cool.


Except when they hunt you down, the minions you spawn with go in and wreck the generator and turrets pretty easily. If you’re stage 3 as monster, you should have an easy time dealing with hunters. Stage 3 is in your favor, regardless of skill or not. Sure they don’t get penalties, but once you beat all of them you have about 30+15 seconds of free time to armor up(Not counting if you down them all and leave them there to bleed out, which is extra time), find any wildlife buffs that are in the next area, and set the match even more in your favor. A full team of downed hunters is a downed generator.


It’s actually pretty difficult. Most people tend to pick a certain hunter when it comes to Defend, like Bucket for Support and Markov as Assault. Really makes it hard for the monster.


As a hunter, I agree that defend is heavily weighted towards the hunters. I will dome the monster and it’s minions away from the first or second objective and both protect the objective and knock a bunch of the monster’s health down. Turrets are great and protect the objective while you are off killing the monster and even if the minions do manage to destroy the first objective, who cares? You still have two more to go. However, I have played with plenty of people who actually let the monster win.


Downing them and waiting for them to bleed out is not a wise choice because they pick each other up, and minion don’t do enough damage to easily destroy a generator, and the damage you take can’t be recovered. And when run around chasing you when you’re trying to feed while killing the wildlife, how can you build armor?

That’s pretty sick actually. I’ve never played a match where the dome was used to waste time. Clever strategy!


I said if you down them all. They can’t pick each other up if they’re all downed. And yes, monsters lose health. That’s a fact. So do generators and turrets, but they can’t armor up like you can or respawn like your minions.


I relish those teams, they come right to you to die, over and over again. I always spec so I can wipe the hunter team, because the turrets are helpless without them.

You should be able to down at least 2 hunters without losing your armor as any stage 3, and Laz not withstanding letting them revive people makes your job all the easier.

Once you have them with strikes just wipe em fast, and take down the defenses before they respawn. Once they come back you should be able to kill them again, and again, and again.


Lol. I love it when they come after me. I hit the trapper than beeline to the turrets and take them out and then run back to the start. If they chase me than the minions have free reign on the generator.


I’m going to have to disagree with you there. I find that I do have a lot of close games on defend, but that’s usually just because they have the auto-balance feature you get on evacuation. If they are following you than let them. Your first two waves of minions might go down to the turrets but they will take that generator out, ( it’s even easier if you take out the turrets ). There’s no way that they should be able to take you out at stage three, well you are running around the map. If you happen to be playing Kraken than I just feel bad for them, you can just stay at range well you and your minions just wreck the generators.