Has anyone beaten rescue against Laz?


Trying to kill survivors is hard fighting against a laz, cant really eat the bodies when being riddled with bullets, feels like an insta loss.


Laz is pretty easy to deal with. Act like you’re leaving the body, then fire a ranged attack back in its direction. Other characters, like Caira Slim, and even Daisy, I find to be more effective in Rescue than Laz.


Here is my strategy, always using traversal cooldown. Overall, never linger once hunters arrive. Hit hard, fast and use strategic map control.

Start: Scan for wildlife, eat 1 or 2 at most then immediately head for the hunter spawn point maintaining enoguh distance as to not get domed, but being close enough to traverse past them if rescued ppl spawn in that direction.

FIrst 2: Kill 1 and eat immediately, if you are on a small board, go for the furthest one first so you at least eat one. If hunters are closing in after the first one (or you fail at getting there first), abandon the plan and go eat more wildlife. If not, kill and eat the second downed colonist.

Edit If you were unable to get to the downed victims at all (i.e. they spawned too close to the hunters/too far from you) you should immediately consume everything possible and try to evolve before the shuttle comes. If you start evolving with the shuttle <10s out, you are at a huge disadvantage. If you do not have enough time, accept full armor as your reward and reposition.

Second 2: If you have killed both, simply race to the next group. If you had to abandon the last one, position yourself such that you are still near the hunters yet have greater access to the rest of the map. Since this is highly relative, you should make use of leaving the map up when repositioning. Eat as long as the other colonists have not been reported. As soon as they are, race to the location and repeat.

Important, You shouldn’t place too much emphasis on getting more than 2 kills in those rounds. In fact, leaving one alive buys you time to evolve to stage two (although once you are comfortable with this strategy as I am, stage 1 is good enough to get the job done).

Last 5: If you have killed the previous 2, race to the last spot. If you had to abandon the last guy, again, reposition and prepare (eat wildlife) for the final race (Evolve if you have >10 seconds on the shuttle). By this point you should only need to kill at most 3 and be evolved (although evolution is uneccesary, and recommended against, especially if you have finished off both survivers in the previous round.

Same strategy for the final group, but because higher kill requirements can mean no chance to eat and run, you may have to resort to killing Laz. If done right, however, you can win easily without ever confronting hunters.


In Rescue, you know Laz is going in for those rezzes and he has to, which makes it very, very easy to kill him. Plus, you only need to keep him off a survivor for 15 seconds and they can’t be brought back as opposed to the full 45 for a Hunter.


Its easy to beat Laz in Rescue. Pick Goliath, and go 1 rock, 2 leap with feeding speed. Let them rescue the first two while you hit stage two and max out both abilities. Ignore getting armor. Make a mad dash to the next group. Smash then rock throw, melee once then eat the body. I win 95% of all rescue matches doing this.

They will never catch up to you until you are finishing the fifth survivor. If they shield him while he is down who cares, ignore everything they do. Ignore all damage they do. Just don’t stop hitting him. You will eventually over take the shield or healing they are doing.

Enjoy the incoming salt.