Has anybody else noticed the positive trend in PuG's


Now don’t get me wrong… you still get a Lazarus who thinks he’s gonna LeBron James the goliath, the Maggie who thinks she should be following daisy or aggroing blitzleopards while the whole team is screaming HEY THE KRAKENS OVER HERE BRO…

But it’s ok… Idk about you but in the past three days I’ve had some trappers who could actually dome monsters…supports who run when you tell them to and teammates who generally are starting to realize their roles and utilizing their character skills

Now if only I could get my team to realize I’m Lazarus so please stop rezzing my teammates and neutering my ability to help


Or you could actually play a healer and prevent them from needing revives in the first place.

Lazerus is kind of like a fireman that goes out and sets fires to ensure job security. You kind of have to let people die to become useful.

A bit ironic.


Exactly why I don’t play Lazarus with PuGs. Support might not cloak and help the trapper and you can only do so much… Keeping them healed up so they don’t die is difficult with Laz. Trapper throws down arena, goes down instantly, free stage 3 for monster.

I like to stick to Val or Caira.

Not saying Laz is bad of course. Just find him more difficult if your team doesn’t really know ‘teamwork’ or their own role.


Yeah, his heal burst is not bad… I like to take the 30% reload/recharge perk on him so I can spam it. Works well. Not sure if it effects his cloak’s CD as I’ve seen mention of the perk bugging out for some hunter abilities.


Not true with effective cloak/heal burst use I can keep a team alive longer then they expect… many people just don’t appreciate Lazarus’ heal… I tend to say that Lazarus should be played at medium range… until his heal fills… then I bolt past monster and my teammates to act as a good distraction before popping cloak to scurry away to mid range… with this I can keep monster properly aggravated and it makes my inevitable swoop in to revive maneuver all the more anticipated


Your heal burst will not even come close to keeping up with monster damage though.

There is only so much you can do because of the long timer regardless of your skill level. Plus, once the monster sees you rush in to heal burst he is going to focus you forcing you to pop your cloak which burns it and makes it unavailable if you have to revive someone.


This is actually funny because I literally decided I hate pugs last night after 3 awful nights of pugging.


It doesn’t matter when I pop my cloak… I believe I recently learned that there is NO timer on Lazarus device… so as long as my other two can focus him to make sure my buddy is eaten then I’ll revive him sometime :). I don’t really know anything about heal burst cools down because with ability cool down it takes about 15 to 20 secs… your right though u can’t keep up with healing because I only have burst… but a hard to find Lazarus is a scary Lazarus… And a easily traceable Lazarus is a dead Lazarus

Also depends on teamwork and coordination but Lazarus can force a monster to make mistakes when played correctly


I tested it on Xbox one… Lazarus’ invisibility and laz device are not effected by the reload/recharge perk. But you are right, his heal burst is better than most people think; I’m always surprised at how well I can keep my team alive with it


Could be that your getting higher in level and not being matched up with inexperienced players. on your team.


I agree that Laz is a pain with the cloak but monsters are learning to simply camp the incapped person and spam the body with aoe if Laz is in the group. Makes it darn near impossible to get to him to revive.

But you are right, with a good group Laz is quite good but its hard to find groups who know how to take advantage of his skills.


No wait don’t get me wrong… we all hate PUGs… their just learning to suck more efficiently


do you mean pubs?

PUGs stand for pick up games…which are more organized than pubs but not as orgnaized as scrims/matches


No idea… but I love this definition.


I meant pick up games/groups… which tend to be very disorderly and hectic for the hunters…And glorious slaughter for the monsters… he’ll I wish the pick up games (matchmaking) were organized… it’s more like, Hello, welcome to your 15 minute clusterfuck where u might actually do health damage if your persistent…GOOD LUCK

Just saying I THINK the casual crowd is getting marginally better


Lazarus allows teams to fight to the end of their health by putting damage on constantly instead of fleeing.


There might possibly be a trend as people become more experienced but I lean more on the side of luck. You could be lucky getting good team mates or unlucky getting bad ones. For me personally I lose way more in this game running pugs as I do in a equal sized team FPS.

My beef with the game is monsters have it much easier than the PUG does. I mean if you have one weak team member your games usually done right then and there. To win as the hunters you have to rely on 3 other people and really work as one cohesive team while the monster just has himself to worry about. Throw in the wild life and snow/rain and the PUG has a lot going against it. It’s really tricky because you want the game to be balanced when you have a full 4 man team communicating against the monster. But then when you don’t have that from my experience so far it makes playing the monster against PUGs range from easy to a complete joke. A lot of my experiences going into matchmaking solo hunter side have resulted in games where right from the get go I know there is ZERO chance of winning. Seeing the team get wrecked by a level 1 monster is no rare occurrence with a PUG.


With Lazarus there are a few issues and a few upsides. The downside is your pretty much going to end up with a really long game or a really short one. Either the monster can’t find laz and continues to down the trapper when domed, making it nearly impossible to lay down enough fire to chew through the monsters armor (no strikes though). Or catches Laz either by luck or skill and proceeds to rampage through a team battered by a lack of consistent healing. Don’t get me wrong, his heals are surprisingly good, but there is an endless degree of humor in his reference to treating the disease rather than the symptom in one of his quotes and then treating the symptom (i.e. the disease is low health or no healing and the symptom is death). Upsides are if the monster tries to body camp too hard they will loose a lot of health, and the device revives fast enough to sneak it in if your good. Players need to play smart. If someone dies or is downed and you have a Lazarus on your team, don’t follow the monster very far when he inevitably runs away in or out of the dome. The only thing that’s going to shut down Laz is getting spotted and targeted or the body being eaten. Keep line of site or your incapped friend. If the monster comes around you’ll snag him and light him up, doing extra damage and keeping him from body snatching and extra armor. If he stays away his work was for naught and your ready for another round. Just make sure that you keep him ALIVE. Coordinate with support to drop a cloak as Laz runs out. You’ll have to reduce movement if you want him to stay reliably in the field while avoiding aoe damage if your targeted, but it can run the game far longer if he can’t single out Laz. Once his cloak is out it’s not going to be an easy fight. Trapper’s should be extra careful once the dome is up as well. If you go down the circus tent’s going with you. Keep your distance. If you play Laz, don’t pop that cloak till you’ve been targeted or till you need to sneak a revive. Don’t be overly stingy with it either. It’s much better if your alive, since if you go down the team is likely beat up a bit and will be short work for a monster. Lastly don’t stay too far out. Unless you have a high degree of coordination with your team, that monster could slip your teammates and eat the body, effectively negating your existence. All in all it comes down to how you and your team coordinate, as it pretty much does with everyone else!


I suppose we should get back on topic here eh? Sorry for the off topic spout!


Trust me we need more Lazarus lovers with all the haters on this forum… honestly I wish there were more hunters that requires the level of coordination that a Lazarus team takes… it really changes the team’s approach and also the monsters… Once he realizes that the timer keeps effing restarting for some reason.

Lazarus is really a weak medic with a fast burst… but the Lazarus device is such a game changer… it will make or break any great team… because no healer can remove down penalties… but I hope the tier 5 medic can do it in place of healing at all


I honestly find the imbalance refreshing… of course at first it was infuriating but hey it’s a videogame…might as well enjoy the match and what u can contribute… even if your trapper is always 50 meters behind you running in the other direction… it’s not easy to find a great match… but I have found many good kinda close matches on PS4 with varying consistency… usually about 2 to 3 great matches a day 3 or 4 regular… then the rest is just like DAMN THAT SUCKED… it’s not only a sign of the weird “friend” mechanics of many consoles and pc’s… when it’s honestly pretty hard to find 5 guys to match up… but also of the fact that many gamers expect games nowadays to cater to our idea of “fair” or the mainstream idea of “fun” meaning it’s easy…

I commend TRS for making challenging, thoughtful shooter… something many of us thought was impossible