Has any one got one yet


It’s almost alpha time I wanted to know of anyone has gotten a code yet


Nope. The minute any person on here has one there will probably be an explosion of topic/comments.

Rest easy your sword my child, the battle has yet to come.


Xboners’ll prolly get theirs tomorrow, and the rest on the 31!


I think they will send out codes for every platform together.Less confusing that way.And for me,it seems that there is no needs for worries about getting into.There are 10 topics everyday in facebook/forum etc about giving new codes.Like PC gamer still have 50,000 codes to give away.So my thinking is not only whoever got a code will be in there,they will also have spare slots


I already got a code from a preorder I did put in in the evolve thing and now I’m waiting for they to give my code through email I have an Xbox one


I imagine codes will not go out at the same time. I’ve seen it with large mailing lists I’m on for work. Someone in my office will get a bulk mail hours before I will, even though we’re at the same place. Most servers, I would imagine, can’t just send thousands of emails at once.

EDIT: I mention this only so people will have a little patience once the first emails start going out. I can already see the people who don’t get an email throwing a fit because they think they didn’t get in.


i havent gotten the code for my preorder yet (lol). but ive quite literally used every other code frantically. Evolve is the best thing thats happened to me since before i was born (excluding birth, what sick human being would subject another human being to this torturous experience nick named “life”). I don’t want to miss this alpha for anything. espicially since i had expected to already own Evolve as of 7 days ago.


Be calm people…the XBox users will most likely (and should) get their keys first, and the rest of us will follow. They may come in waves, so if at first you don’t get an email, just sit back and relax a bit. Only panic if you still don’t have a key an hour before the Big Alpha goes live! Don’t worry, that probably won’t happen, dudes. TRS has always done right by us.


Check on the Evolve site, theres a new news article. Xbox one players will be receiving their emails and will be able to preload stating today (Oct 28), PC gamers preload starting tomorrow
(Oct 29). Servers go live 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET thursday. SO START CHECKING THOSE EMAILS GUYS.
See you all there, Happy Hunting
Evil Jell0

GT on Xbox one: Evil Jell0
add me if you wanna play


What about PS4?


Your pre-loading starts on Thursday, and servers for both PC and PS4 go live at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET on Friday, Oct. 31.


Thank you :slight_smile: Got confused there haha



Love what it says at the bottom. :smile: Go TRS!


Ok but I still haven’t gotten mine yet are the codes from the big alpha still coming out for Xbox tommorow


Knew that they were going out today, hurray for vindication!


i believe the codes will begin coming now, and preload for xbox is available tomorrow


I feel so special, telling everyone the good news :smiley:


Post here when you get your email with the download instructions


This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see if I got in or not. I’ll be watching my email like a hawk!