Has an update hit yet?


Hello all,

First time user here. I know there’s plenty of threads about Xbox One matchmaking issues as I’m having the same problem recently. Has TRS made any post about a patch to be hit soon? I haven’t been able to find a match in 2 days which is very discouraging even though I’m not the only one experiencing it and I can’t seem to find a thread from TRS about any patch/update to hit that’ll fix this issue.


They keep telling us to be patient, have faith, etc. I think I read they hope to have it by Sunday…but who knows, they’re not the most forthcoming right now I’m afraid.


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Hope this helps a bit, though they haven’t given a definitive release date yet.


they already have patchnotes for themself so i guess it wont take much longer


Can you confirm this?


the dev which is streaming told his stream a few days ago that he just got intern patchnotes thats everything^^


Ah, cheers! Can’t wait to see what the changes will be!


I hope the update hits soon. I’m starting to get an itch on my neck from the lack of playing Evolve the past 2 days…or maybe that’s the crack that’s kicking in. Either way, I’m getting anxious to play.


Current matchmaking definitely needs a good seeing-to. It’s one of the few things not up tro snuff about the game, but it’s a big one.

Things I’m really looking forward to:
-It’s too much to ask, probably, but an option to turn off joining games already in progress. I detest taking over a bot of a character I don’t want, with a Monster ability loadout or Hunter perk I didn’t select myself.
-Make role preferences matter. I don’t mind waiting some extra time to get my preferred role. Putting Monster dead damn last and then getting no other option BUT Monster in the character select screen should just not happen in a game of this scope and support. I’d rather spend an extra two minutes in matchmaking to ensure I get my favorite role for each one minute wasted to dodge a game because of ending up with something I won’t play all preferences-be-damned.


I’m waiting due the wipe bug on XboxOne…


At least you can wait, I found out the hard way, I’m done with the game if they can’t give back my progress. Reprogressing = most annoying thing in the world to me and especially if there is nothing worthwhile to do it, thus the reason I never prestiged in mw2