Has 2k and TRS license out Evolve for Toys?


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Just found this on Ebay:

Company that is making the toy: Beast Toys


That toy isn’t even close to the Goliath…


that poor goliath needs to find something to eat


Don’t forget to add “to evolve” at the end, since it’s the reason why Goliath needs to eat.


eewww! What happened to it’s head!? Did TRS approve of this? It seems like the sketchy-ness has reached stage 3.


I think I speak for everyone when I–


That looks terrible


That fourth picture is a face that only a mother could love.


Great! I need something for my dashboard.

Oh wait, it’s not a bobblehead? :frowning:

  1. Buy a Hula-Girl
  2. Replace head with Goliath’s head
  3. ???
  4. Profit!


While I really want to see Evolve figures come out, I’d like them to look more like the monsters in the game. Seems like this company is just a couple people, which makes me wonder if they got permission to do this. I’m all for people doing custom art for themselves, but if you’re going to be selling the stuff, you really should get the rights to do so.


It could definitely be better its head is way out of proportion


Doesn’t look like Goliath or Kraken…



Please say your joking lol


I could, but I could not, but mostly could.


I haven’t seen anything about this before. So I can’t say if we licensed it or not. But I may buy it. It’s one of a kind >.<


As Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic park; “That is one big pile of shit.”


Just saying those people I listed should make the high end stuff.