Harvest Wraith and Scarlet Gorgon


Before Gorgon was released they showed gameplay on twitch from Evolve studio. I noticed gorgon had a scarlett skin and Wraith had a couple of skins including the tropical skin which is already released. When will the others hit the store? Or is there going to be challenges for them?


I have been wondering when that sweet Scarlett skin is gonna hit the store. It’would be nice if it were a free challenge skin but either way she will be mine.


Do you have a screenshot of harvest wraith or a time in the stream, wraiths my favorite with gorgon just behind ( i like playing stealthy and fucking with the hunters)


I think @Maddcow had a still photo of the Harvest Wraith during a win screen. I know I saw it on the forum but don’t know where it went.


Well I did make a thread on it:


They will come at some point between now and soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah…that thread ^ :smile:

I shall call her Pumpkinhead Wraith!


It will be my favorite skin in the future >:}


I’m pretty impressed with Tropical. I didn’t think I would like it since she looks like a Popsicle but it’s kinda iridescent like a shiny beetle skin. But Orca Wraith…that will be my new go-to Wraith which will replace the Wasp skin.


Tropical isn’t my favorite. Orca looks cool and I never bought Wasp. I bought Clownfish instead :stuck_out_tongue:


My pumpkin. <3


I REALLY like that one. Odd idea to make an ‘orca skin’…but it fits so well with the wraith.


The Scarlet skin is supposed to hit the store about mid-November, according to whoever it is that answers questions during the TRS streams (I think it’s Shaners? I dunno, I’ve only been to two streams :P).

Anyways, during the Gorgon reveal stream, when they first showed the Scarlet skin, someone asked when it was coming out and they responded around mid-November, so hopefully it’ll just be another week or two.


Yep it was Shaners (and possibly me? I know I answered that a few times).

Scarlet skin will go on sale around mid-November. The Harvest skin has no date yet. It may be part of a challenge or may be a sale item (I noticed the tropical skin went on sale so it’s possibly going to be the next wraith skin, given the season).


Your Wraith and Gorgon are cool and all but the Neptune Kraken stole my heart


Can someone show me orca wraith? Much appreciated.


I was surprised that the harvest Wraith skin wasn’t released in OCT.


Poison Frog and Neptune were the other badass skins.


Those are in the linked thread.


Ugh they need to release the scarlet skin already I need a new skin for my main!