Harsher punishment for quiting mid match


Needs to be a way harsher punishment then leaving mid match had 3/4 downed and they all just sending me back to lobby thats stupid, if people do that they need their online suspended for atleast an hour,tired of hunters doing this


If I play with a medic that doesn’t heal I will want to quit. I might stay for such a match once or twice, but if I get too many matches in a day where the hunters don’t pull their weight, I want to be able to leave. Why should I be punished further?


That would be very unfair to people like me who are often forced to leave due to glitches, lag, etc that prevent them from further enjoying the current match.


Well better leave mid-match then mid-battle…

Bots are not really the best.


Then they need to add a system to tell who actually left for reasons like game crashing, Disconnected etc but people that actually leave cause their mad or w/e need to be punished more


That will happen in Ranked matches.


Whenever then drops :frowning:


Unfortunately, you really can’t tell the difference very easily. If they just rely on the game telling them when the player exits via the menu or by closing the program, they can just “pull the plug” - either physically or electronically at the operating system level with a simple script. Penalties either have to be enforced for leaving the game, period, or there’s at least one way available that allows people to circumvent the punishment.

On the topic of “punishment”, I don’t think a harsher punishment will do what you expect. The reason people leave is because they’re not having fun anymore - there’s a lot of reasons, but to cite your example, it’s not very fun when you know you’ve lost and don’t want to drag the match out longer. It’d be nice if you could just forfeit with some dignity and say “GG, man”.

Back on point, they’re leaving because they’re not having fun. Which is the whole point of a video game, so what can you do? The punishment is only effective if it’s more painful than it is boring and frustrating to sit in a match where you aren’t having fun. That’s going to be a pretty high bar. If the punishment were severe enough to actually deter people from leaving, then I suspect many people would simply take the third option: Quit playing.

Not ideal. :frowning:


Well one person leaving could be not having fun, but all 4? No thats rage quit cause they all got shreked


If all 4 people left at once, they were probably a premade, and that was probably their last game of the night anyway. So again, punishment wouldn’t really mean anything.

If the playerbase were bigger, I’d say that a solution would be to keep track of people who leave early, and use that in matchmaking - match ragequitters with ragequitters. That’s going to be about the only possible consequence that will have any weight at all.


Could have been a four man group sticking together. Or just four people who gave up when they lost. Regardless of their specific reasons, they ultimately fall under “Not having fun” or they’d have stuck around.


Of the night? Lol it was 2pm on American servers so i doubt it thet just rage quit no getting around it lol


Of the afternoon then, fine. Probably best to just move on and forget about it.


Why shouldn’t people be punished? The monster loses all his effort he put in to try and win? Monster leaves the hunters still get the win and progress from the AI why should monsters be punished for hunters being children and not accpeting that they lost


Why SHOULD people be punished? If somebody leaves a game because they’re not having fun and the game’s response is to make sure they continue not having fun, they’re just going to stop playing the game. The correct dev response to people leaving games early shouldn’t be “how do we punish them?”, it should be “how do we make them not want to leave games?”

When a player leaves early they take a loss, so I’m not sure how the monster’s effort is going to waste exactly.


They take a loss and i lose the win since they all left? You lost a match just wait 30s and watch it end not all 4 people leave cause their mad they lost


If that’s the case, it sounds like the monster losing the win when all the hunters leave is the actual solvable problem here, not “how do I punish people for trying to have fun in a game?”

Honestly though, making people ragequit is its own reward IMO. If someone’s leaving a game chances are they already feel punished enough and there’s no reason to heap more on top.


When i barely play monster i have a win i would like it but when hunters leave just cause their mad that ruins my fun and experience, no punishment would just mean teams can do that all the time when the monsters about to win screwing him over


As I said,

It’s highly doubtful that punishment is going to stop people from leaving games, for reasons laid out above.