Harpoons, what do?


Ok, so I want to start saying that I am perhaps a giant noob that needs to git gud, but that’s why I’m here. So trapper is one of my favorite classes to play, Maggie being the main hunter of choice. The question I have is what are the harpoons useful for? They seem easily destroyed by monster abilities and his basic melee so they dont really tie him down. The goliath and wraith in any of my matches seem to instantly (and accidentally) destroy them in the course of fighting other people meaning that they SEEM to have almost no ability to peel the monster off of others even if I try to disperse them. Ive also tried putting them in clumps thinking that maybe multiples would slow the monster more but with its ability to break them by just attacking the “beam” they are once again destroyed in one melee hit.

So I guess in short what im asking is… How do you guys use harpoon traps to make them effective? Is maggies only positive aspect that she has daisy? And/or are harpoon traps broken/bugged? Seems to me they should only break if the monster walks over and hits them but with the fact that they break by the monster flailing around and given their activation time I find them useless.


Maggies traps are insanely good, place them at hi-ground and all around the dome when fighting, this gives your team time to heal and do dps.

Even if you think they are super easy to brake that one hit is not going to wards your team mate when hes trapped in one of them. Spread then out a bit and keep usingthem every time one is loaded swap to machine gun between and rince and repeat.


They’ll stop a leap smash and slow a monster going after your medic. Place them in a couple different spots and give your medics a heads up saying run this way or that way if they are chased. It’s easier to do this when you are setting up a relay defense. If you have a hank on your team putting them all together can give him a chance to land a good orbital strike on the monster.


First of all never drop the harpoons in the ground or in front of the Monster.Drop them in clifs.They have a pretty good range.
Especially again’st Wraith Maggie is annoyingly good.Let’s assume Wraith is stage 3.You are all waitting at Relay and Wraith comes and starts abducting people.All you have to do is place 1 harpoon in high ground in front of the other players.So when Wraith comes to abduct he will catch a person but he will be harpooned aswell meaning he won’t go back to his place and will be stuck there until he destroyes them :slight_smile:

Harpoons are not for stucking the Monster in the same place for ever.They are there to annoy the monster on fleeing.

For example you could place 5 harpoons in every corner so when the domes come down and Monster goes to escape he will get hit by 1 meaning he can take some more damage before escaping


No, they’re meant to be broken when the monster hits the cable, not just when they hit the base of the trap

Don’t put the harpoons in clumps, it just makes it easier for the monster to get rid of them, whereas if you manage to trap him form multiple sides it takes longer for him to get free and let’s your team take advantage of that

I try and put maggie’s harpoons on the edges of buildings and cliffs, this way they’ll have a larger effective range as well as being out of the way for some of the monsters abilities that can destroy them before they activate (firebreath is typically aimed down at hunters , not up at the cliff walls)


The harpoon traps limit the range of certain abilities (Goliath and Wraith) but most importantly, they prevent the monster from leaping out of dangerous situations and the short moment it is harpooned could save you and your friends from getting hit by melee attacks. It messes up the monster play real good.


Since the monster is sort of like a rampaging maniac, they tend to use main pathways a lot.

Harpoon traps are edge weapons. Place them on the edge of cliffs, the side of the road, place them where the monster has to turn from what it’s focusing on to destroy them.

Discuss with your team beforehand the following tactic. I use this all the time and it’s glorious.

I play Markov a lot. His mines are devastating. But it’s hard to get a monster in them. So I tell my group this beforehand.

“When we’re in a fight with the monster, I may start pinging the ground. That means go here. I have mines set up that will crush the monster. Maggie might have traps set up, too. If we’re fighting the monster and you see pings, go there.”

Works like a charm. I had a Goliath decide to leap smash into all five of my mines once because we were all there. He was displeased with the result.


Main Goliath and Maggie. I can tell you traps are the most compelling reason to run Maggie! (well that and daisy)

Traps are effective because they control the monster. They stop abilities, attacks, walking, fleeing, jumping, scaling. Because of this they make amazing safe zones. Here is how to use them.

  • The most important rule is to deploy traps continuously as you run. You want all 5 out at once. This creates an immediate retreat path for a) after you trap the monster and it turns on you b) for an important character to flee into. Let the team know you do this.
  • Spread them out, don’t want it to break them at once if possible!

Now what do during the fight? Set up traps where it is going to effect either a) the immediate fight b) where the monster will likely escape to

  • Put traps on choke points to slow escape routes. Imagine a large pillar. Put traps down on your left and run right. Depending on the stage the monster is at you will a) flush it to traps b) retreat to them
  • Combine with other hunter abilities, set up 3-4 for an orbital strike, buckets turrets with traps is savage etc…etc…
  • Imagine a birds eye view looking down into a canyon. Deploy traps on both the left and right side but preferably with some distance between them. Very frustrating for the monster when you fly to the left and it gets stuck, falls down, scales back up only for you to fly back to the right side etc…punish the monster for traversals
  • Use tags in combat or solid references (“Central pillar traps for you Val, one up the dirt track for retreat!”, for example, let your team know where the traps are. They save lives in the slit second they interrupt the monster.

Those are my essential tips!