Harpoons - they're actually stronger now

Because of that mechanic you can trigger the “pulling up” animation WHILE being harpooned.

During this animation, you can’t do anything meaning that you’ll stay frozen in place for 2, 3 seconds.
This is particularly bad in some places where there’s little elevations to get over everywhere.

I’d suggest to either remove that mechanic or remove the slow-mo effect for this animation.


No. You no longer get pulled off walls harpoons especially griffin’s have been weakened a lot by that. Most monsters asides from behemoth won’t be climbing much of the cliffs because they’ll just traversal to the top and climb the last little bit.


You don’t get it.

It’s specially “the last bit” which is the problem.

You don’t get it.

Massive nerf small upside to nerf.

The last bit is the only bit thats gonna affect most monsters asides from behemoth.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, I think he is talking about how the harpoons do this:

It basically locks you in the “Pulling up” animation on ledges even if you are facing into the harpoon, regardless of distance on it, and you can’t break the harpoon or anything during that time it is a complete lock down for 2 seconds or so.

Some think it’s great, I’ve seen some people that don’t like it, I am impartial honestly I only recorded this clip because I actually thought it was a bug the first time I saw it lol.


Looks more like 1 and a 1/4 to 1 and a 1/2 seconds to pull yourself up and its gonna be the only bit of the cliff that gets affected by it because most monsters (excepting behemoth) aren’t gonna be climbing up the entire cliff they’ll be traversaling to the top and then just climbing over if it doesn’t affect the pull over portion then cliff harpooning is gonna be very very weak except against behemoth and monsters that don’t know to traversal to near the top of it.

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Thanks I couldn’t find a name for that thing xD.

That’s coincidentally the duration of an Orbital Barrage…

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There is a channel time as well as a delay before the first bombs drop which is most of the 1 1/4-1/2 second and thats still only 750 damage. After that theres another full second delay before the rest of the bombs drop.

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You can predict it if you pay attention, I got some good damage watching for this. You have the entire climb duration to prepare.

Again though, I think it’s fine for the most part so It doesn’t bother me either way.
Though the slow mo effect looks weird, I thought it was a bug until I went over the clip after the round.

Yeah and if you predict you’ll get 750 damage as they finish popping over the top if you don’t they’ll be at the top as the bombs are falling.

Most monsters asides from behemoth will just traversal to near the top like in that clip and that is the only portion that will be affected by harpoons.

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The clip was me playing.

I’ve landed some lasers and Torvold Mortars, and been hit by then too though. So I know it can be done.
I don’t get the whole thing but it’s enough to hurt. It’s also more time where they are healing or doing whatever else.
Every second counts for something.

Regardless, I think you are arguing for a point that I don’t disagree with. As I said I am impartial on if I think this is okay or not (I will let the balance team and hyper serious players figure that out), outside of that I just think it just looks weird.

[quote=“IWannaBeATiger, post:11, topic:104729, full:true”]
Most monsters asides from behemoth will just traversal to near the top like in that clip and that is the only portion that will be affected by harpoons.
[/quote]Monsters should innately slow Hunter movement speed by 20% with Melee attacks.

After all, they’ll just jetpack dodge out of the way and only after that is the portion that will be affected by the slow.


Harpoons have a reload and can be broken. Just because you traversaled near the top of a cliff doesn’t mean harpoon should be useless.

Not sure what are you talking about. This is still better than gets pull down the cliff before the patch.

1.5 seconds of being locked in a do-nothing animation is actually the hardest CC that’s ever been in the game. Even the fucking Repulsor doesn’t outright prevent monsters from attacking.


Then stop climbing and break the poon. It’s a 50% slow down so it’s only .75 seconds actually being added stasis slows your climb speed by 25% but no one ever complained

So climb the cliff again takes less than 1.5 second ?

Actually thought you slowed down the video. How could I have been so blind :C

before the nerf: you get harpooned off the cliff, wasted a travesal and 3 seconds
after : you get harpooned and use extra 2-3s to climb up the cliff
and you are telling me it’s still a nerf to monster

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