Harpoons and Kraken


Honestly, I am not one for ever calling something OP. However since the update why on Earth do Harpoons cripple Kraken?

Seriously. I understand that Harpoons are meant to stop a Monster and that they are meant to force the Monster to make a complete U turn to deal with them but there is no Hunter I fear more now than either Maggie or Griffin. Especially when playing Kraken. Harpoons can suddenly stop all momentum in any direction and rip me from the sky and literally drag me. I can understand the need to have a harpoon be a menace but when it can literally drag me backwards? Something is wrong there.

Perhaps I could be fighting organized teams right now and that would make it OP, maybe it’s just my curse for trying to fulfil my “Play three games as Kraken” but on what planet should I be dragged by the damn harpoons?

Does anyone else feel this way? Has anyone else played regular Kraken against a halfway decent team? Because I feel like I went from fighting the most incompetent apes on the planet as my best Monster to fighting the most professional of teams as my worst Monster. I didn’t see any balance issues but after fighting two competent teams I know that something is wrong, either Hunters are OP, or Kraken is OP because not only were harpoons dragging me but I couldn’t get away regardless of what I did. So looks like Sunny is back to her terribly OP state then.

###TL;DR Had to play three matches as Kraken, got bulldozed two of them and rage quit because harpoons apparently received a humongous buff in Stage 2. It also appears that a competent team with a Sunny is back to being the most unbalanced team in Evolve.


Hmmm, the frustration is back.

Ive posted somewhere in this forum bout it, and similar “toxic” combo has been discussed before too back in legacy that time.

Assault, Val ( tranq ), Griffin ( harpoon ), Sunny ( booster ), which if this combo is timed right, hunters are running faster than you without jetpack.

Anyway, a well played griffin is really pain in the axxxx.

Harpoon–> then “Got it” “monster is pissssed and slow” -> sunny boost assault to your face “super soldier”- melt like a chesse. :cheese: :taco:


Griffin’s harpoon is quite powerful against a Kraken, it sucks him to the ground very quickly.

Maggie’s harpoons don’t seem as strong as his, but there are three.

“Back to?” :wink:


I do agree with you, there was a time ( months ago ) where everybody is using griffin because there were krakens everywhere ( Kraken OP thread ), and griffin’s harpoon is one the best CC against kraken. :sunglasses:


Kraken is arguably the most OP monster currently, harpoons are one of the few things that give him a hard time since he can stay perma airborne and ignore most geography when attacking hunters from this advantageous elevation. Harpoon is doing its job.

  1. Have you even played the new update?

  2. Kraken isn’t OP. In my experience it’s still a Hunter favored meta when the Hunters actually know how to play.

  3. If you have no constructive dialogue to say in my thread I’d prefer it if you stayed out of the conversation.


Kraken isn’t OP, well if he is then I haven’t come across someone skilled enough to do so.
The only problem with him is that on his Lightning Strike, the burden of skill is on Kraken and not the hunter.
Which means, if the monster have perfect aim and the hunter does a perfect dodge (in a perfect world) the hunter still ends up being hit. However the new jetpack boost perk seem to fix this.

Regardless, on topic, as far as I have observed the harpoons works pretty much like they have always done, but I know the airburst is a bit finicky sometimes, launching you with a slight offset, which leads to the harpoons cancelling all movement should the resulting direction be slightly in the direction the harpoon prevents you to go.

And Sunny is Sunny, obviously.


This topic is about the console effects of Harpoons on Kraken, not his balance.


Just because you don’t like what I have to say, doesn’t mean it isn’t constructive.


Constructive it may be, but it is off topic of the original post.


As a Kraken player I prefer that Harpoons are such a threat. Without them I just get free reign to kite and run around like a madman, when harpoons are up it forces me to totally change my tactics. Also it allows for some very creative traps that have put me in some really awkward and painful positions, and not the fun kind :confused:


I’ve never had an enjoyable match against Griffin, i’ve never had a close-game against a Griffin, I might as well be afk because it’s more fun that way & leaves me the same odds of winning. Griffin’s harpoon is too difficult to deal with, it completely ruins the game for the less experienced/skilled monsters.


I imagine Lennox would be the go-to assault in that situation. As a Lennox play that combo sounds like easy mode.


Oh yeah, so lets do the Kraken their thing and let them stay perma air where the monster can do whatever he whants with. Lets nerf harpoons so there is no counter to the monster.


Your problem is with Sunny boosting Griffin, not Griffin himself. As you know, Sunny changes are brewing.


The harpoons were always strong I guess, its just now they feel more punishing since there isn’t limb damage anymore. Coupled with wonky traversals , it has been very irritating playing Kraken.

I think the problem is with the airburst not just the harpoons, I’ve been having many instances where I couldn’t fly and I’d just sit on the ground like the old Elder Kraken traversal.

Would be great if other Kraken players could collaborate on the issue.

All said and done, I think Maggie’s harpoons need to be toned down with how much she snags Krakens doen. Especially MadMags, Griffin could potentially be an annoyance too but if he’s pooing me than he’s not doing as much damage.

Couple them with Sunny and its going to be a bad day, especially out of combat.


Harpoons (at least Griffin’s harpoons) have always pulled a FLYING kraken towards him and overpowers any directional input made by the kraken (but if he is on the ground it won’t pull you unless you walk towards him)


But back in legacy that time, assault player used the most for kraken was Parnell, i think its the same in evolve stage 2 now.

with Val, sunny, griffin.


Harpoons are supposed to be used against Kraken’s and Wraiths, they’re working as intended in my opinion.

This taking in mind the hunters have no other way to control both monsters.


So hunters should be punished for teamwork? Okay…