Harpoon not detecting monster during pouncing


Situation: Waggie is last one alive. She manages to put harpoon on the ground. Wraith pounces her. Harpoon is arming. Harpoon is armed. Nothing happens. She kills Waggie. Harpoon then attaches to Wraith.

We lost, obviously. Suffice yo say my urge to yell and smash my keyboard over desk was immense.


Well, harpoons don’t detect while sneaking. Pounce is considered sneaking and doesn’t break stealth until the Monster stand up afterwards. Not really a bug.


Even if it had gone off I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t break the pounce animation so unless the monster was almost dead it would not have made a difference


Harpoons don’t interrupt sneak attacks, it wouldn’t have changed anything.


Yay for consistency! Weapons dealing damage free you from pounce, but not traps dealing damage.

Fuck me.


Its kinda weird how the game decides what can free you and what can’t. Hydes flamethrower will stop any pouncing nonsense from a monster but daisys flamethrower will not which in my opinion should not be the case as it is worse because her damage is really nice so I have to sit there and take her flamethrower damage or cancel the sneak attack to try and down daisy


That doesn’t make sense. Daisy not cancelling the pounce means you have the choice so either sit there and continue with the pounce or you can cancel it and do something else. If daisy cancels it you don’t have a choice.

Having a choice is always better than not having a choice.


It wasn’t worded quite how I meant it. I’m terrible about that so forgive me if I create a second post to clarify my first. What I meant by it being worse is that with hyde I get taken out of the pounce and I can move again and attack or jump away to avoid the damage being layered on me. With daisy I just sit there and keep pouncing while her new toy melts my face. I guess I’d rather it actually stop my pounce like it probably should since it does that much damage.

Just so I can stay on topic, doesn’t griffins harpoon stop pouncing??


What I said still stands. You have the choice so if you don’t want daisy’s flamer in your face you just cancel the pounce.


Then I’m not sure exactly what your argument is here as I acknowledged that I have to make that choice in my first post


I’m simply saying it is better to have the choice.


Good point. Also Griffin’s harpoon deals damage and will interrupt a pouncing monster so why shouldn’t WLM’s traps?


@Slicks Lingering damage effects don’t break pounce or stop eating. The harpoon only deals burn damage so in regards to consistency its actually very consistent on what stops a pounce.


It takes a certain amount of damage to knock a Monster off of a pounce. WLM traps don’t do enough damage to do so.


I’m assuming he’s partially complaining about daisy continuing firing even after pounced partially complaining that it doesn’t free people from pounce?


No complaints here friend. The flamethrower firing after the pounce is obviously a bug and at no point was it even brought up during either of my posts so I’m not sure where your getting that from. Neither was I complaining about the flamethrower not being able to stop a pounce. I disagree with how it doesn’t stop a pounce, but at no point did I start complaining.

Its very simple. If the weapon does that much damage it should be able to stop a monster from pouncing. That is literally all I was trying to get across. I disagree but I don’t complain


The thing it’s not how much damage it does. It’s how it does the damage. Lingering damage doesn’t stop pounces or feeding.

Cairas grenades after burn, Rogue Val’s poison, any of the other hunters that cause burn damage with the exception of Hyde as he does an actual set damage with burn that follows. Basically any non impact damage that is residual will not stop an activity. None of Wasteland Maggie’s weapons other than the pistol have any sort of impact, it’s all residual damage.

I actually don’t think this thread should remain in the bugs catagory either. I’ll let someone else decide that.


It’s because one is a DoT effect while other weapons actually deal direct damage.


While sneaking+pouncing harpoons never activated. This exists since the launch of the game.


For the last time, she was not sneaking!