Harpoon Gun


This thing is amazing. Held Goliath for 91 seconds total in a match and everytime he tried climbing up walls it would yank him back down. Anyone try this out on the Wraith yet? Wonder if it helps with them moving so fast.


Im liking this topic just because its the first good thing anybody has said about griffin.


Starting to not like grif as much. Sneak game just shuts him down soooo hard.


Sneaking won’t help, the monster still needs to eat and evolve, and both of those are noticed by sound spikes.


Not to mention against anyone who has a pulse, the cycle that Griff is able to put out pales in comparison to Maggie just continuously placing her mine traps. Been held way more times and longer by Maggie’s than by Griff’s. Exception being a smart Kraken staying up in the air, I just think his harpoon needs a little help. Wraith almost doesn’t care about him shooting her either.


The larger maps it’s hard to get good coverage with the spikes.


It really depends on where you drop the dome down at. Maggie is probably better in an open area but griff is good when you can use terrain to get above/behind the monster. He’s also better imo for slowing the monster down while outside of the dome


Bring Cabot or Bucket as your support.

Cabot in particular is stupidly good at tracking. Tracking Dust + Rail Gun means monster can’t stop to feed.

Griffin remains my favorite trapper though Maggie feels a lot better to take to shut down sneaking compared to the alpha where Griffin was just better, lol.