Harpoon gun vs Harpoon mines


I was just curious because I’m sure there are advantages to each but the harpoon mines seem much better. From what I can tell, the harpoons work as in the monster can only get closer to, not away from, the source of the harpoon. I saw a clip in a video of goliath getting caught by 2 harpoon mines at once allowing the hunters to really restrict its movements because one was on each side, effectively trapping the goliath. I was just wondering about situations where the actual harpoon would be better than the mines. The mines appear to have a much wider variety of uses than the gun.


Really good question and I’m impressed that you’re thinking through it!

Griffin can react - split second. Goliath turns to the medic, Griffin can shoot him in the back with a harpoon and stop him in his tracks. If it were Maggie, she could fire a trap, but by the time it hit the ground and armed, the monster would have already moved and started beating on the medic.
Maggie must anticipate. Maggie can use the traps to protect specific areas, including the area around teammates or herself! Griffin can’t use the harpoon gun to protect himself. The monster can still come towards him.

Internally, our high level players use Griffin as more of an interrupt. They stop Goliath’s leaps mid air, interrupt his movement towards a teammate or interrupt his escape. Maggie can root the monster. It’s not good as an interrupt, but as you noted, a single trap can do a good job of holding the monster in place.

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both. Up to you to figure out what suits your play style, or what strategy works best against your opponent. This is what Evolve is all about!!!

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Thank you for your thoughts on this, I hadn’t thought about Griffin’s harpoon being quicker than Maggie’s. Maggie’s sounds like it might be more useful late game when the monster isn’t trying to run away. And do harpoons work on wildlife as well?


Can the traps miss, like if Goliath leaps past or uses his charge? Or do they always hit?


Traps don’t miss, but they have a much shorter range than Griffin’s harpoon gun. 25 meters for the traps, as opposed to 45 meters for Griffin’s gun.

Maggies are a little easier to use in combat scenarios. Spreading them around generally works pretty well. Griffins might be more effective though, if you are a quick player and are good at positioning yourself, you can really stop the monster from hurting your teammates.

Griffin’s harpoon gun also deals a significant amount of damage when fired. The traps don’t.

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Sounds great and each has clear pros and cons.

I think I might like Griffin more just for that extra ability to be reactive and interrupt the monster.

But then again Daisy…


Daisy has saved/won her fair share of games. Monsters tend to ignore her. Her ability to revive players shouldn’t be underestimated. Trapper is my favorite class and I still change characters all the time. I can’t decide!


I was completely unaware that the harpoon gun even dealt damage


It is a big chunk of shiny metal after all. I’ve seen Griffin’s harpoon gun deal the finishing blow on more than one occasion.


Hmm, do Maggie’s traps also deal damage? I’d imagine they do but maybe less just like they have less range.

This is also probably something you guys are still balancing but as Maggie’s traps are deployables and there seems to be unlimited ammo, how many traps can you have at once? A preview (Gamereactor I think) said something about Bucket throwing out 10+ sentry guns which seems pretty high.


Also are Maggie’s traps restricted only to the ground or can they be placed on any flat surface she sees fit.


Right now I don’t think Maggies traps do damage, though that might change before ship. If we added damage, it would be a small amount. All deployable items are limited to 5 in the world at a time (sentry guns, sound spikes, harpoon traps, arc mines, etc.) This is a recent change that we’ve been experimenting with. Previously, all the items had different limits and it could get a bit confusing.


Horizontal-ish surfaces for the Harpoon traps. You can’t place them on walls or ceilings for example.


Good info, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Means a lot to see the devs posting so much.


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By the way, it looks like the monster doesn’t take the same amount of time to remove harpoons.
Is there a button for it ? Or we just have to don’t attack and wait like one second ?

I’m quite curious but, can he remove multiple harpoons at one time?


A few ways to deal with harpoon traps.

  1. Attack the electronic “cable” directly with a melee attack - This is one of the reasons why Maggie likes to space out her harpoon traps. If she places them close together, the monster can break multiple traps with one swipe.
  2. If harpoon trapped (Maggie), you can also attack the trap device directly. This works great with ranged attacks. If harpoon gunned (Griffin), you can attack Griffin directly. Knock him down and the cable disconnects.
  3. Stretch the cable to the breaking point. All cables have a max range. Stage 2 and 3 monsters can slowly stretch the cable past its breaking point, so if a cable hits you at long range, sometimes you can simply move away from it to break it.
  4. Break line of sight - wrap that cable around a tree or a rock and it’ll break.

Ask your question about the gameplay/game mechanics/tactics here!

Thanks for another detailed post, it makes the wait easier to know some of these details, let’s me think of tactics when I’m bored at work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I was wondering if higher leveled monsters would be able to move against a harpoon. I noticed in some pax east gameplay that there was a Goliath that got hit by a harpoon but he didn’t really slow him down while he was mid leap, while in the trailer Goliath got stopped dead mid leap. This was against a stage 1 Goliath too so this confused me. Any possible answers?


The PAX East build had a bug in the contextual melee combat system that would allow Goliath to lunge towards a Hunter for a melee attack, even if he was harpooned in the back. It got fixed a week later.

Good eye btw.


Also, are there more than two tyrants on the forest map? I saw the one in the river and one in a large pond that was passed over in the trailer