Harpoon Gun is currently OP. Needs tweaking


I was playing last night, spent most of the night as the monster and things were going pretty well. I won a few games, lost a handful of games, it was back and forth. Until a player joined as Trapper who started using Griffin. The match started out like normal, I was noming on some monsters, playing a bit of cat and mouse when I got backed into a narrow and eventually the Hunters found me. Arena trap goes down, battle ensues nothing major…until the trap ended.

Now here is where I see a problem. I had incapped two of the Hunters but had also taken a lot of damage, I rationed it was safer to retreat, get armor, and attempt some recovery rather than run in circles trying to get the last two hunters as their friends would potentially recover in time. So I make a break for it, barely get anywhere when I get hit by the harpoon gun, impeding my movement. Fine, break it, start going again…another harpoon hit…break it and almost a second after another. I start leaping left and right, diving off cliffs, doing everything to break line of sight but he was able to keep nailing me at the last second with a harpoon, and the slow down was enough for the Hunters to stay right on my rear. Even when I jumped off ledges, the harpoon tether would pass through the ground and out the side of cliffs, holding me back. I ran past dangerous wildlife, did everything possible to try and create any bit of distance and break line of sight and that harpoon just kept spearing me.

This is frankly just ridiculous. Between the slow down the harpoon causes, to it’s fast reload speed, to being an instant missle, and the tether able to pass through terrain, the Trapper was literally able to create a scenario in which it was impossible to escape. I didn’t have the strength to turn around and face them head on, but was completely incapable of creating any kind of distance because of the Harpoon gun. A halfway decent player with Griffin is essentially a guarantee win for the Hunters. This was made even worse in a game where Val was the medic and could fire her tranq gun repeatedly at me.

Now, I’m not saying take the harpoon out, cause that would be unfair. The Hunters need methods to try and keep on the Monsters, I get that, but the harpoon gun as it stands is capable of creating a no escape scenario, which is just as unfair. Break the tether automatically if the monster is out of line of sight, increase the reload time so the harpoon gun can’t be fired as quickly, treat it as an actual harpoon and slow the projectile so the Trapper needs to lead the target and the further the distance the more unlikely the shot will land, one of these or all of these I think would be ideal. While I’m at it frankly i don’t think Val should have a tranq gun at all. The Trapper’s job is to impede the monster, so why does the medic have a weapon for the same purpose? Would be like giving the Assault a gun that heals himself as he fires.

The game is fairly well balanced right now imo, with perhaps some minor tweaks here and there but this really stood out as a glaring problem to me.


Yeah no, he has to reload, aim and then hit you. He’s just skilled.

Turn around and break it, keep going and break line of sight asap long enough to get away.


clearly you don’t read very well.


Either you been playing with someone who uses Aimbot or you was just not breaking out of shit.After you brake 1 of the harpoons he needs something like 1 or 2 seconds to reload/aim/hit.I have no problem dealing with griffin at all.Altho he is good against Kraken because of Kraken flying and always giving him a good sight.


I legit play with one of the top Griffins out there.

His harpoons last no longer than five seconds.

Not OP. Just hard to avoid, which is intentional.


i played against a really good griffin and saw the potential of the harpoon gun, but i also saw the ways i could out play him. needs more time to see if he is OP as the player base gets more skilled and there are very clearly advantages


If you think harpoon gun is op, try playing Griffin. I bet you will change your mind.


Its really based on the player it seems. Griffin overall is a good character but very vulnerable when using the harpoon gun. Just run towards him when you notice and he’ll retreat, its just a case of where you are fighting as well. I’d say its harder for the hunters overall, and especially harpoon gun,s if you fight in a more enclosed area.

Obviously it has risks of its on based on the monster size and makes it more difficult to retreat but if you charge in an enclosed area you’re overall going to hit the hunters more.


LOL Griffin is probably the most underpowered hunter in the game… if you are encountering a Griffin player who’s actually good, then imagine what he would be like playing someone decent, like Maggie.

I still don’t understand how you were having such a big problem; Griffin’s tether deals zero damage whatsoever. If he keeps following you, try and bait him into following you around a corner, then sneak pouncing, or spamming abilities at him. The reason Griffin is so underpowered is if you start hurling abilities at him, he has no escape and no defensive capabilites at all.

You state that Griffin and “the harpoon gun as it stands is capable of creating a no escape scenario, which is just as unfair.” … He’s a Trapper, that’s kind of his role, no? :smile:


No the harpoon does do damage. Decent amount too.

Griffin is mah main trapper. He’s the freakin’ best. Not underpowered, not overpowered. He’s up to par.


Clearly I do read just fine, I wasn’t wrong.

I can tell that you’re not able to realize that the other player was a great shot, that’s why you were getting trapped over and over. Which is why I gave you the suggestions that would help you out.

Also please post a constructive reply, that was beyond childish what you wrote. o7


That must be one good Griffin. One game is not enough evidence to say article X is OP.


The point of the harpoon is to make it hard to escape and griffin also has a pretty difficult time tracking the monster. He probably had the reload perk on so he could reload fast cause its not slow on its own but its definitely not that fast. If you had to lead the target you would never hit the monster especially wraith unless they were running straight away from you and even then they’d be out of range by the time you could fire again. You just played against a good griffin.

The tranq gun helps Val keep the team alive as well as lock down the monster since he can’t get to them to hit them.