Hardest Challenge so far, for developers


What’s the #1 hardest discussion or challenge you’ve faced during development and why?

Examples: Taking the job, Standing your ground cuz u knew it’d be more badass, Picking your desk ???


Telling eager hungry customers that are chomping at the bits that they still have to wait for it to release!


Probably balancing the hunters with the monster.


I’d say that this is and WILL continue be the biggest challenge with this game amongst other multiplayer games. Asymmetrical games such as Evolve would probably face much more challenges throughout development in regards to balancing the monsters and the hunters. As Phil Robb said, “Players will find a way to break the game.” However, TRS seems confident enough to keep the community happy and that’s awesome! :smile:


Kinda surprised no TRS peeps thus far?

@damjess has been removing all those boxes in front of her office :stuck_out_tongue:


deciding between drinking a red or brown ale…


The problem is that mine are all depressing. lol Nobody wants to hear about that.


When I was a dev the food the studio gave us always blocked me up. That was a challenge. :frowning:


What kind of food? Did they leave the Chinese out for a few weeks to bring out the flavour? :open_mouth:


Old MREs :slight_smile:


lol not my office, that was Steve’s office :stuck_out_tongue:


Weren’t expecting it was going be easy did you?


Hardest challenge. Keeping it secret while playing it for 3 years? :smiley:


I was half joking, but since you want details:

When we were in “crunch” mode… Basically working close to 12-15 hours a day, the studio provided every meal. One can only do so many burrito bars until it begins to have an affect. But yes, there were Chinese food days and pizza too.

I gained weight and did not poop regularly for months. Not a highlight of my career, I assure you. :smile:


But did you ever try the mammoth Chinizzarito Bar! It’s the best. Just grab a pizza, sprinkle chinese food on top, then fold it and slide in 2 burrito bars. Yummy!

ALmost looks like this (Only add more chinese!)


Yes, moving all that crap that @SlabOMeat stacked in front of (and inside) my office was a great challenge…


Just a suggestion mind you:


Haha, that is awesome. Even better if the picture had the guy looking at the door debating about whether or not to open it.


hopefully no one is undergoing a colon clogging diet to get the alpha ready :stuck_out_tongue: