Harder and harder to find a game in South American server?


These last two weeks I’m seeing it’s getting longer to get into a game in my server, the SA server.

And even then, it usually seems like there’s only one game going on. Asi if you leave a game and search for a new one and end up in the same game. Or if you’re lucky you find a second one.

I think there are enough level 40s around, judging for my experience online and the rankings.

I would like to see some statistics, I fear there will come a point where I won’t be able to play online, just because I’m locked in my region’s server…


You could always change the download region on your Steam client, but that does not solve the actual problem of lack of players in the region.


Really? Would that work? I had never thought about it.

And btw, aren’t you from my same region? I think I’ve seen your tag around.


Yea community is still dying.

But the problem with conecting to the same game over and over is a matchmaking error I believ. I had it too. So I hope they will fix


Yeah, I’m from Brazil. It does work, but you will get high pings most of the time.