Hardcore mode?


Been suggested before I know but is it even considered?

One thing I haven’t seen in the topics is armour for the Monster being detailed.

How about NO armour for the Monster, reduced smell information so no direct outlines of anything just a blur through objects to show something is there(maybe Wraith could have better smell since she needs stealth) plus no footprints for cloaked individuals, slight damage reduction to fully leveled up abilities basically no pretty much one shot kills like Lightning Strike.

No elite wildlife. No lit up tracks or birdsigns. No relay.

Hunters go down they die no respawn only come back with Laz, no perks so no health regen, slightly increased damage to combat monsters trying to win at Stage One(particularly Behemoth), slightly increased healing burst heals.

I think this would be great, you’d need a coordinated team for sure but so long as you so much as see the monster people will do damage to it from afar, all that will add up to making a huge difference later on. The hunt for Stage One Monsters would be all the more intense because you pretty much have to get them.

The fights would probably be short but they’d be awesome.


Sounds very interesting. :3


Can’t help but think that laz would be OP in this mode
Specially with a hank on te team


How? You could still use normal anti-laz tactics like bringing everyone to low health, camp the body or other stuff.
Would probably make most monsters to scared to fight at stage 1-2, though.


Well with the sniff thing you won’t be able to see the footsteps, so you’re gonna have to actually camp that body a lot harder if you want to stop revives
I also imagine this mode would remove the hunter health bards for te monster, so getting a few hunters low on health would be much harder.
And the no armour thing mean even if the monster quickly downs the trapper they’re still taking permanent damage, which solves a big part of his weakness in te current meta


It would need tested/balanced quite a bit to be implemented as fast games though.


Most of the changes seem Hunter favored, though. Less monster damage, no armor, but MORE hunter damage?
Tell Parnell I said hi because I’m dipping, hahaha.
Although if Hunters died outright without getting incapped (I think in understanding you correctly there) this balances it a lot. It could shift I. Favor of any side in a moment though. No armor means of you kill the assault, taking a few bars of health as a “trade” only to have Laz revive him, putting you at a huge disadvantage. Maybe in this mode Laz would be the only one who could bring you back, but you would get a strike like if someone else brought you back.


Yeah that sounds good with the strike after revive.

I say more Hunter damage just to make it a bit more realistic like a monster taking a couple bars from orbital weaponry but being hurt by a machine pistol is kinda insane as it is.
Not a linear damage boost just boosts for weak weapons mostly, so almost everyone can actually be a damage dealer.

I don’t think Laz would be too OP, for a Stage 1 Monster yes but I picture this as more of a desperate pursuit Monsters should be able to take out the Assault early on and have next to no issues winning at Stage 2 or 3.

As good as Laz would be for this mode if he goes down the team is screwed, the extra heals other Medics can give out would be a huge bonus.


Here are a few ideas that I have for both hunters and monsters alike.


Greatly increased ability damage, i.e. Rock Throw would straight incap a hunter if and only if it directly hit them at a 3 point rock throw. To make abilities not OP, greatly increased cooldown depending on the ability. i.e. charge would deal less damage but have a near instant cooldown as charging takes not real energy for a 10 ton killing machine. Wraith’s decoy would deal a moderate amount of damage with a 2 minute cooldown because of the physical toll taken to create of copy of yourself. Kraken’s lightning strike would straight up kill a hunter because ZAP! Would have an extremely long cooldown of like once every 10 minutes.

Monsters would have no armor but increased damage resistance and health overall. Monsters would be near unstoppable at stage 3 but would need more food. Hunters would need to be constantly moving as in real combat with an intelligent killing machine standing still and kiting would be useless if all it took was a well timed rockthrow to kill you. Monsters would have all abilities 3 point at stage 3. abilities would all be unlocked at start. i.e. Behemoth would have all four abilities but tongue grab would deal no damage because tongue. Monsters would be harder to track and neither party would be able to see a health bar of the enemy team. hunters would know each others health.

Hunters: greatly increased jetpack capacity, same recharge, more reliability. More damage to weapons, no auto reloads on all weapons, grenades/abilities not included. Things like Hanks Orbital would deal more damage but have and extremely long cooldown, like twice per game long. Hydes toxic nades would do damage to all hunters unless shielded, all explosives would do damage to hunters if fired too close. Same goes with monsters but to a lesser degree. Orbital could outright kill a hunter if a single bomb hits near them. Hunters and monsters alike would have to be careful of their health but hunters much more so. hunters could be ragdolled very easily and would take some time to get up based on class. Medic would health much faster and to a higher degree. No relay.

Wildlife: Only Tyrants, Crowbill Sloths, Megamouths, and Mammoth birds would outright attack the monster if it got too close at stage one. Nomads, Armadons and such would have to be provoked. Animals would deal less damage to the monster, more to the hunters so killing everything is advised. All predatory animals attack hunters on sight, have less health. No respawns unless Laz as OP said. No glowing tracks, no bird markers for hunters. anything would scare birds, even hunters. No carrion birds.

Feel free to add suggestions and give feedback. Having an ultra realistic evolve would be fun for hardcore players.


This is almost pure hunter boost. the pure damage a monster would take just killing one dude probably wouldn’t even be worth the perma 3v1. Have you seen just how high a percentage of a monsters health is armor? Most fights though would be pure keepaway with hunters never really doming. Maggie #1 forever.


But if the Monster can get to Stage 3 they can almost one shot everyone so the Hunters have to find them early on or they have no chance.

Except maybe with Wraith since she has low health.


thats the point, don’t let monster stage 3



So the Hunters need boosts to have any sort of a chance for a Stage 3 Monster no matter how much health they ripped off it before that point.


I really like this idea, obviously it would take a lot of balancing though. I really want an option to remove UI though, even in a non hardcore mode. Realistic modes are always cool.


That would be kinda cool yeah, characters shout out when they’re close to death anyway and Monsters show visible damage.

Just Hunters need major buffs because finding the monster without tracks and birds would be extremely difficult thus getting to Stage 3 easy, being able to one shot Hunters would be a bit broken.


Yeah this game is already hardcore mode. Play against a big league team that goes into tournies, good luck if your not a monster of monsters. Would be much better in pubs though, make it so you can only play with randoms so you dont run into the wrong team and get destroyed horribly.