Hardcore Mode Ideas


Hello evolve community! I’ve been lurking around these forums for some time now and decided to participate in the active discussions that have been going on.

One of the big things that I want in Evolve is a Hardcore mode. I love how the game is so far but I feel like the glowing tracks, the mini map, the notification when birds are scared away and the notification when the monster evolves kinda takes away from the hunting aspect of the game. Now, I’m not saying that the regular mode is terrible and unbalanced, I would just like to see a game mode where there is a limited HUD and less notifications.

I could see some possible balancing issues with a hardcore game mode because most of thing aspects that make it hardcore would impact the hunters the most since the monster doesn’t really have much of a HUD to begin with. However, there are a few things that could be taken away from the monster. Note that these are just ideas and I am aware that some of them probably aren’t the best xD

Hardcore Mode for the Monster:

  1. The Monster’s Evolution meter can be taken away so that the monster won’t know when he will evolve
  2. The Sniff radius can be reduced
  3. The names of the hunters could be removed

Hardcore Mode for the Hunters:

  1. No mini map
  2. No glowing foot prints
  3. Only visible thing on their HUD is their health bar
  4. No notifications for when birds fly away or when the monster evolves

Again, these are just ideas and they may or may not be balanced. Leave some other ideas below and let me know what you think of mine!

Take care friends and Happy Hunting!



No Rez!!!


I feel like that would be too much of a blow for the hunters. Maybe the resurrection takes longer or the drop ship timer is much longer or removed so if you do die there is no coming back


k 1 rez then or rez point which comes and goes?


I REALLY like the idea of “No Evolving Monster” notification.

It would add a lot of tension to every match: “We haven’t seen him for a few minutes, he might have evolved” shortly after a stage 3 Goliath comes hurtling out of the undergrowth! lol


I like the one rez idea, that will make the hunter play a lot safer when fighting against the monster


Yes! that’s exactly why I love that idea! :smiley:


I think I would play this mode…lol and I would definitely be a heck of a lot more cautious!


That’s what I was thinking. I love the idea of needing to be careful and aware of your surroundings when looking for the monster. It would almost turn it into a horror game at that point, which I think would be awesome


Just what I need…a heart attack at 20 lol…


Imagine seeing that on the news

“Man Dies From Heart Attack Due to Intense Horror Game, Evolve”


Evolve may get more players that way! lol


This would be like realism mode in L4D2, which I thought was fantastic but few people actually played it. There was a time when I was willing to wait for 30 minutes to fill a lobby but that’s when they might actually fill. In 2014 you can not possibly fill a l4d2 realism versus lobby.

It’s a shame, too, because realism versus was far more balanced. Regular versus is way too easy as survivors. People don’t care and will always just play the default mode whatever it is.


This would be intense. Oh my god Turtle Rock ADD THIS IN! This would give the Hunter’s THE TRUE hunting experience.

But I think removing the Monster’s evolve meter is a little redundant. The monster will just do periodic “Evolve Checks” in safe areas after consuming large amounts of wildlife.


I only played realism in L4D2. It just made the game so intense!


That’s what I was thinking. I was just trying to balance out the things that were taken away from both sides and taking away the evolve meter seemed like a decent option but I do see where you’re coming from


How about capping the monster evolution at two instead of three. You can balance the lack of skill upgrades with more HP for him or a speed boost(since it’d be smaller after all).


Actually, I say don’t take the evolve meter because the actual monster knows when it’s ready. Or you could take it away and just receive a notification when ready.


I like the idea of taking away the meter but leaving the notification. Because then the monster won’t know how many more meats he needs until he gets the notification. It will make the monster have to strategize a bit more for when he wants to attack the hunters


I like this idea a lot but I feel like instead of a speed boost it could be a slight damage increase since the monster is missing out on some crucial upgraded abilities from stage 3