Hard to keep an eye on


Am I the only one with 200+ hours in the game who does not understand what a Phantom is? Game tip says they are hard to keep an eye on and always moving, maybe they are so fast that I cannot see them at all, like they move at lightspeed? It also says that they are a deadly nuisance, but how can they be deadly if I can not meet them or even see them? Or am I just missing something?


Evacuation map modifier. When the Monster destroys the Aviary, Phantoms infest the next map. They are large, approximately human-sized, bats/birds.

They usually sit on top of a rock, out of sight, waiting until a Hunter walks by and then they attack. If you have your team with you when they attack, you’ll make short of them.

However, in one or two games, I’ve been tracking the monster (my team far away cause y’know pubs) and I got swarmed by like 3-4 of them and they damn near killed me. They jump in front of you, bite you, and then circle around you picking at you.

Honestly, they’re not the best modifier for a Monster to earn but against an unorganized team they can be helpful. Also, they will occasionally attack me as the monster, they have about as much health as a trapjaw, and they only give one meat.

So as Sunny says, “I guess Harpoons work both ways, huh?”


They used to be a wildlife, but were too annoying for hunters to deal with and too hard to kill and eat for a monster. Because of that they decided to make them a map effect in Evacuation.


Oh I get it. Didn’t play evac much so that figures.


Yeah, I had to think about it for a while, the one thing that confuses me is that the tip shows up in hunt mode as well as Evac, and you’re just sitting there like
I’ve never seen these things before.


Yea, that’s what it is for me. Every time I saw this tip I was just trying to puzzle this out and press Q on any creature I see. You can guess it did not help much.


I like to occasionally play an Evac campaign. I like some of the modifiers and it’s a nice solid chunk of time (about an hour).

If I am in a Monster mood I’ll load up a PvP Evac and just rofl-stomp the pubs till they all quit. If I’m not in the mood for anything too hardcore/competitive I’ll load up a co-op Evac and just stomp the Monster because even pubs can usually keep up with an AI Monster.

Honestly, it’s pretty fun and exposes you to a few different game types. As long as your team is decently competent you should have no problem. I’d recommend at least trying it out. :sunglasses:


If medic does not use Lazarus or Slim in Rescue then they have issues…

Dear lord Slim is an Ass if you’re playing Monster and you run to the helpless survivors and they all get up within seconds of each other and nobody is near them… then suddenly it’s a 6 or 7 (Daisie) Vs. 1 (You)…

Not fun… and this makes it even more stressful for Monster Players… such fun… such wow. Not saying Slim shouldn’t be allowed to do what he does but damn it I’m tired of everything favoring Hunters.


they’re also part of the Hunter’s Quest mobile app


Oh yeah, nice, I forgot about those! Stupid Phantoms always targeting the Medic or Support. :unamused:


I see this a lot, especially with pubs. I hate when they take Laz for Nest too because he gets focused so hard and then you’re screwed. The minion always, always focuses the medic. :cry:


If only I could agree.

Had one game where a SWARM of the nasty little buggers took down half the team for me while I was engaging the other two.


Yeah, but they’re nothing compared to aggressive wildlife, the burning claws, the radioactive clouds. In my experience, they only cause an issue when the team is highly split up/very disorganized.

That sounds awesome though - I would’ve loved to have been the Monster in that case. Watching from the top of a rock or bush, watching the swarm of Phantoms pick those puny Hunters apart. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I WISH I could’ve got the whole clip, it was pretty sick.