Hard to enjoy this game (as monster)


1.3 patch came out everything was balanced and great. But then the 4th tier hunters come…
It almost feels like the 4th tier hunters weren’t even tested, they are so easy to use and yet so powerful.
I cant tell if behemoth is bad or not because the new hunters are so op.
Can there be like a quick patch where there’s no 4th tier hunters matchmaking?
I don’t want to be the beta tester for these op characters.


Step 1: Be the monster.
Step 2: Pick Kraken.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Win.


What about Profit??




I kind of feel the same way but not all the t4s are that bad.

Torvald feels the most balanced maybe a little less damage on the mortars or increased reload time.

Crow Stasis gun is my only issue with him since the charge shot slow lasts forever and the charge time is neglible so there is no reason to not just keep charging your shots.

Slim I dunno I feel like the cooldon reduction on heal burst needs to be lowered cause its up every 3-4 seconds if he’s palying properly. Scent masker should be less spammable.

Sunny is absolute bullshit. With her jetpack booster its nearly impossible to not get a dome and her shield drones onyl downside is that it doesn’t react to that first hit. Recharges really fast when its battery runs dry and takes around 3 hits to actually destroy. No cooldown on it either so she can put another one down right away if you move around it or destroy it. Grenade launcher is another Cabot railgun, too much damage for how quickly you can fire it. Definition of noobtube


I don’t know if it’s the T4’s that do too much dmg or that the monster is taking more dmg that they should (not just Behemoth.

I take one full bar of dmg from Marsh Striders’s electric shock. It never used to do that much dmg.


My main is Goliath and i have lost 2 times already to people who have right to win me, just because they have those op easy to use characters. Can i just have an option not to beta test the 4th tier hunters?


2 Losses = OP?


Yes, i have lost only one game against the default hunters from like 200 games. Now the new hunters come out, and i already lose 2 times from like 10 games. And the matches i win against 4th tier hunters are way too close to comfort. For the caliber of player i’m playing against.


This is all cool but i don’t want to beta test again. I want the new hunters/monsters balanced right off the bat.



u guys are crying cuz u cant stomp pubs that easy anymore ?

cuz thats all i hear


Marsh Striders one shots a whole bar. Something’s fucked up. That’s all i’m saying.


that makes no sense… so thx for that.


what is it that you’re contributing here?


you mean, mammoth bird?


Not at all. Sometimes i get a stomp but majority of the time its a pretty even fight and thats what makes the game fun. I have yet to have a fun game against sunny. She can provide too many benefits to her team at one time. Or she can just be another Cabot pre nerf with her noobtube grenade launcher.

Other 3 I’m okay with aside a few minor tweaks here and there but she makes the games a very unenjoyable experience


Well yea it really IS different. When i pub i play Goliath only and honestly before the patch it felt way too easy against random teams. Coordinated teams tho used to gimme really hard times or straight out rekt me, since i do not play sneaky ever.

Now i was pretty shocked how freaking fast Hunters were melting my hp bar. The game pretty much turned around from me beeing the nasty monster hunting down pesky humans into Avoid any hunter till stage 3 and never fight in open places. Against randoms it is pretty fun tbh, since it acutally became a challenge.

The bad thing now tho are teams that play pub. You kinda have to sneak the whole damn match till S3 to even have a chance. You are forced into 1 play style (At least with Goliath) to even stand a chance which takes away diversity and the browler style gameplay i used to love before.

Anyway, i dont think the t4 hunters are op in general but there are certain combos that, when played right, can freaking instakill monsters, which should be looked at one way or another.


Why doesn’t Turtle Rock just give away beta keys for people who want to beta test the new hunters. So i don’t have to play against them when they broken.


As Goliath i would eat enough to evolve and try to fight them as level one in good spot so i can get a down or two then get away, or win. If they are super clueless cant find me, i would just evolve to level 2 and win. But now the 4th tier hunters are so ridiculous i can get barely one person down as level one, loosing 2 bars of my health doing so, and i’m just against some random chumps. Sneaking against Crow+Sunny is based on luck since you don’t know if the first meal you are gonna eat is gonna alert birds or not. Crow is like Abe 2.0 cant get away.


Val and Crow make it almost impossible to escape now. It’s ridiculous. I think maybe they should raise the cooldown on Gobi because he is too useful right now.

Think about it, what can Abe or Griffin do that Crow/Gobi can’t do 5x better? Crow can shoot straight through armor AND slow the monster incredibly AND always have vision on the monster.
Giffin has avoidable sound spikes and Abe has tags that you need to shoot into the monster. Gobi sees everything for about 200m, with a cooldown of about 10 seconds. Crow also puts out more damage than both.